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Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 Release Date: Lucina’s situation is becoming more complicated as she is being falsely accused of crimes by one of the series’ protagonists. What was once intended to be a benign series that transformed the ancient Greek custom of kidnapping brides into a romance story has since turned sour. The series has come a long way from Chapter 48 of Kidnapped Bride.

Hakan, a charming Himbo monarch with a kingdom in the Middle East, chose Lucina to be his wife. He resembles an Egyptian royalty, the sort that would instantly blow the romance series out of the water. Other than that, however, there isn’t any tension in the series that would pique readers’ interest.

And so starts the scheming adventure of Hakan’s sister-in-law, who is determined to get him for herself at any costs. Hakan joined the unexpected plan since he was unaware of it (even though it was snow-white in the desert). Hakan also had to deal with his brother Lekan’s death at the hands of a war assassin.

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 Release Date And Time!

For the following areas, Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 will be available on October 26, 2023.

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 Spoilers!

Lucina will be saved by magic in Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 from her imminent problem and the one requiring Hakan. Hakan will be preoccupied with locating his brother’s killer and making haste to go to Lucina. It’s unclear where his concern came from, but he has good instincts when it comes to caring for Lucina.

As was already said, Lucina is in a strange country without any friends or allies to help her navigate its political system. Since Hakan’s sister-in-law perceived her as a threat to her, she had started taking losses. But the major reason for that is because Hakan’s relative doesn’t want competition as Hakan has the traditional right to marry his sister-in-law.

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 Release Date

In fact, many people would consider the manhwa’s material to be bait reading—adding things only to irritate the reader. Because readers have united in their hatred of the opponent, it is also incredibly effective.

Kidnapped Bride Chapter 47 Recap!

The kidnapped bride chapter 47 depicted Lucina’s companion doing her best to cheer her up. The last few chapters had not been good for Lucina’s mental health, and she had been experiencing paranoia for some time. Nobody is to blame for her. Anyone would grow suspicious of individuals with the type of sister-in-law she had. But more than anything else, Lucina was struggling with her dread of being abandoned.

Lucian is in a distant country and unable to take care of herself for the life of her. Being away from her realm initially appeared to be a blessing, but it has now turned into a curse. She is an opponent with all the advantages, has no allies, and is by herself in the Middle East.

One of Lucina’s nasty sister-in-law’s henchmen slipped into a dark magic item in her chamber after she departed. Then (the same or another minion) faced Lucina by dragging her before the palace’s “accepted Queen,” who is in charge of the proceedings. A mysterious candle that was used on Hakan and gave him several anxiety attacks is displayed to Lucian.

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Where Can I Read Chapter 48 of Kidnapped Bride?

Naver Webtoon will have Kidnapped Bride Chapter 48 accessible for reading.


In conclusion, “Kidnapped Bride” has taken an unexpected turn in Chapter 48, delving into a complex web of accusations and power struggles. Lucina’s situation has become dire, and Hakan’s quest for justice intensifies. With magic and political intrigue in the mix, the story remains gripping and unpredictable. Readers can anticipate Lucina’s rescue and Hakan’s pursuit of his brother’s killer in the upcoming chapter, available on October 26, 2023, on Naver Webtoon. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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