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Where To Find Andreja In NG+ in Starfield?


Where To Find Andreja In NG+ in Starfield? Players can do a huge number of things and discover a lot of different options in Starfield’s huge and immersive world. One of these interesting parts is the variety of partners you can meet on your galactic travels.

Andreja is one of these companions. She is an interesting character and a valuable part of the Constellation. She can help you play the game better with her special skills and background.

New Game Plus is a great way for Starfield players who want to keep playing to continue their journey. This lets players start the game over while keeping some of their character’s progress and tools. This lets them explore and play in new ways.

On the other hand, when you start this new version of the main story, you’ll have the chance to bring Andreja with you again. For your convenience, here is a step-by-step guide on how to find and reunite with Andreja in the huge, constantly changing world of Starfield.

What does New Game Plus do?

Most other games don’t handle NG+ the same way Starfield does. You can start the game over with this, but you can also choose to pick up where you left off. You will be going into different worlds to look for Artifacts, though, if you do this. You will have to do the main task all over again if you decide to start over. You can save some characters, though, and change how things work. You will need to find Andreja again if you choose this path.

Is Andreja In New Game Plus?

There is Andreja in NG+. That being said, Andreja may feel different to you based on the version of NG+ you are in. Take the case where Andreja is a House Va’ruun Zealot as an example. In a different version, everyone in the Constellation is a plant.

Where To Find Andreja In NG+ in Starfield

You might also come across a form of the game where the Constellation members have been switched out for little kids claiming to be them. In other words, you will see Andreja in various settings and as various versions of herself. She will be where she always is in the standard game mode of New Game Plus, though.

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Where Can You Find Andreja In New Game Plus?

If you go a certain way, you’ll find Andreja in NG+ in different spots. You won’t see Andreja until you have all the Artifacts, even if you skip the main quest. Some players say they found her in The Lodge after getting seven Artifacts. Some say they won’t be able to find her until they have all the Artifacts. She won’t be there either way.

It will take some work on your part to find Andreja and go on an adventure with her in the space. This is necessary because you will need to assist her during the main quest. She needs to leave the situation since you skipped that part.

If you play through the main quests again, you will find her on a random world during the quest that opens her, just like the first time. After you find her there, you can hire her as a servant for the rest of your time in this version of the world. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Gaming-related tips and tricks.

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