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How to turn off iMessage on a Mac?


How to turn off iMessage on a Mac? Apple is known for having a strong environment that connects all of its goods, from Macs to iPhones and more, without any problems. This connectivity has many benefits, including making it easy for users to use multiple devices as a single unit.

Nevertheless, there are times when people might want to set limits between their Macs and iPhones. One popular example is how iMessage alerts on a Mac can be a distraction while you’re working or doing something else.

The good news is that Apple knows people want to be able to choose, so they let people turn off iMessage on macOS Sonoma and earlier versions of the operating system. For people who want to get back control of their device messages, we’ve laid out the steps below so that you can do it without any problems.

How to turn off iMessage on a Mac?

  1. Get the built-in Messages app to work.
  2. Click on Messages in the menu bar.

How to turn off iMessage on a Mac

  1. Click on Settings next to Messages.
  2. In the middle of the Settings tab, click on the iMessage page.
  3. In the upper right spot, click “Sign Out,” as shown in the picture below.
  4. Make sure you really want to leave. This will stop your Mac from using iMessage.

There you have it! The alert says that you will no longer get iMessages on your Mac once you have signed out. This will help you stay focused on your work while you’re on your computer. You can always turn on iMessage again by following the steps above if you change your mind.

Other Choices Besides Turning Off iMessage!

Focus might be a good choice if you’re only signing out to avoid getting alerts that are annoying while you’re at work. You can filter app messages and make different profiles for each of your habits with this tool. Instead of turning off iMessage on your Mac fully, you can use this method to block messages from the Messages app when the Work profile is on.

You could also go to System Settings > updates > Messages and turn off the switch that says Allow updates. You can still send and receive iMessages from macOS this way, but the app’s messages won’t bother you all the time.

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