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How To Get The Pozhar X-Mod2 Power Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077?


How To Get The Pozhar X-Mod2 Power Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077? Without a doubt, Phantom Liberty has made Cyberpunk 2077 better by adding a lot of interesting material. This add-on brings the game to life again with its many new ends, fun tasks, and interesting characters. But Phantom Liberty doesn’t just improve the story; it also adds more things to the game.

The powerful Pozhar X-Mod2 Power shotgun is one of the most important new weapons. X-Mod2 guns are different from most weapons in the game in that they can’t be earned through normal quests or making. Instead, players have to solve strange problems to get these special weapons. This is also true for the Pozhar X-Mod2 Power shotgun, which is a strong addition to any weaponry.

For those who want to get this amazing gun, the trip will involve figuring out Cyberpunk 2077’s puzzles and secrets. It’s a fun and engaging part of Phantom Liberty that keeps players on the edge of their seats as they learn more about the story.

The Pozhar X-Mod2 Power shotgun is a great example of how this addition not only continues the story but also adds new tasks to the game that make it more fun and interesting to play. Take a deep breath, enter the world of Night City, and begin your quest to claim this one-of-a-kind gun as your own.

How To Get The Pozhar X-Mod2 Power Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077?

You can find the Pozhar X-Mod2 Power shotgun in Dogtown, close to V’s flat on Kress Street. To get to the “DIE DIE DIE” sign, go to the Kress Street fast-travel marking and head south until you reach a set of yellow stairs that lead up to it. Go left and keep going until you see a building crane.

How To Get The Pozhar X-Mod2 Power Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077?

Get to the building across the street with the crane. Once you get there, jump over the broken things to get to the next level. Then, walk through the halls until you reach a locked door. The next thing you need to do is go from the main menu to nighttime and skip time.

Go back in time at least one hour, and then go back to the crane. You can’t get to the room with the Pozhar X-Mod2 until you’re far enough away from the door. There is a party going on in the room if you go back now. You can walk right in and take the gun and a lot of other stuff.

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Stats and Effects for the Pozhar X-mod2 Power Shotgun!

The Pozhar X-Mod2 is an iconic weapon at Tier 5+. It does good damage and has above-average handle and firing speed. It’s not a surprise that a shotgun has average range and attack speed. The Pozhar X-Mod2 can shoot six bullets and has a damage boost of +85% for headshots and +25% for armor penetration.

Being able to modify the Pozhar X-Mod2 to your liking is one of the best things about this weapon. It comes with two mod spots. It’s possible to do this with some iconic guns, like the Moron Labe, but not with most of them. I agree that shotguns don’t have the best mods compared to other weapons, but having some mods is still better than none.

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