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Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Read? Catch Every Info Here.


Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date: Kagurabachi is a massive hit Japanese manga which is written and illustrated by Takeru Hokazono. The main character of the manga is Chihiro Rokuhira, who is out on a vengeful journey to take revenge for his father’s assassination. Son of a powerful and famous blacksmith, he with his magic sword is plotting against a group of sorcerers.

The sword was empowered with magic by his late father. If you are reading this revenge manga, then you must be wondering about the release date of Kagurabachi Chapter 9. In this blog post, I will share the release date, timings, where to read and spoilers for the Kagurabachi Chapter 9.

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date

 Kagurabachi Chapter 9 will officially be released on 12 November 2023. The time for the premiere in Japan is 12 AM (JST). 

Country  Date and Time
Japan  12 November at 12 AM 
South Korea 12 November at 12 AM 
India 12 November at 9 PM 
Australian Capital Territory 12 November at 1:00 AM
New York  12 November at 5:30 PM 

Refer to the timings before you read Kagurabachi Chapter 9 to avoid any disappointment.

Where to Read Kagurabachi Chapter 9?

You can read  Kagurabachi Chapter 9 on Viz Media’s official platform. All the episodes are available on Manga Plus as well. Both platforms have the rights to English publication. You can refer to any platform. On Viz, you have to subscribe to the premium version to get access beyond the free chapters.

Spoilers For Kagurabachi Chapter 9

Spoilers for the  Kagurabachi Chapter 9 have not been circulating on the internet yet. We will update if the spoilers are released before the release date. However, it is advised not to refer to Reddit spoilers as they may not show the original plot and can be misleading. Raw Scans are leaked in the original format or raw language. The translation may not be correct. That’s why you should wait for the credulous release.

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Recap For Kagurabachi Chapter 8

In the previous Kagurabachi episode, we saw Sojo in the black market auction. Chihiro also reached the auction after a long battle with two enemies. Some slice-of-life scenes in the previous chapter were heart-wrenching. Sojo gets his hands on a sword which happened to be made by Chihiro’s father. There is a fight between the two talented sword-wielders.

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date

The Cloud Gouger is in the hands of Sojo. The fight is the best opportunity for Chihiro to get back his father’s prized possession. Sojo wants to devour Char. By doing so, he will have her healing prowess that will make him immortal. He is ruthless. He is in no mood to spare anyone who comes in his way. 

In another piece, we saw Daruma bidding farewell to the sorcery and starting a new life. Shiba was the torch bearer in this whole thing for Daruma. Sojo and Chihiro’s battle will be the highlight of the upcoming chapter. The sword with which Chihiro will  fight Sojo is Enten.

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This action packed manga has topped the rankings just after a few releases. Everyone was expecting it to cross One Piece rankings, but it fell short.  The bond between the playful father and quiet son was struck by tragedy, and now, the son with his heart filled with revenge  and hatred and a mighty sword is out on the journey. This manga amassed  a huge fan base shortly after its release. Kagurabachi Chapter 9 is all set to hit the readers’ screens and so you should mark the date and delve into this action genre manga.

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