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The Apothecary Diaries Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Watch!


The Apothecary Diaries Episode 7 Release Date: The Apothecary Diaries is a mystery novel series based on a setting similar to Ming-era China. It follows the story of Maomao, a woman who works as an apothecary in the red-light district, she got kidnapped and sold to the royal palace as a servant.

However, she uses her knowledge of medicine and poisons and implements them to become an unofficial forensic pathologist and solves many mysteries. Maomao is very brave and smart as she stands for her friends, the story is well written and the characters which the makers have used are great and they all fit in the story. There are 6 episodes which have been aired and the 7th episode’s release date and other details are shared below.

The Apothecary Diaries Episode 7 Release Date

The Apothecary Diaries Episode 7 will be released on 19th November 2023. Here is the schedule for release in some major countries-

Date  Country/Zone  Time
19 November 2023 Japan 01:00 AM
19 November 2023 South Korea 01:00 AM
18 November 2023 Philippines 11:00 PM
19 November 2023 India 09:30 PM
19 November 2023 Australia 11:30 PM

Where to Watch The Apothecary Diaries Episode 7?

The English dub of The Apothecary Diaries is now also available on Crunchyroll, but currently, there are only 3 episodes available in English dubbing, until the other episodes get dubbed you can watch the series in its native language with subtitles. The name of the seventh episode of Apothecary Diaries is ‘Homecoming’ and the duration of that episode will be almost 24 minutes.

Spoilers for Apothecary Diaries Episode 7

Maomao is poisoned by eating something at the banquet Jinshi arrives and takes her to the hospital where he removes the poison from her body, Jinshi gets to know that one of the ministers who had tried the dish which has poisoned Maomao also collapsed from it.

  Maomao and Jinshi make an effort to find out the poison details and they discover that it was caused by a rare and deadly poison known as ‘Shadowless Poison.’ They also find out that a servant who is working for a mysterious organisation is the one who administered the poison. Both Maomao and Jinshi are seeking the name and reason behind it.

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The Apothecary Diaries Episode 7 Release Date

Recap of The Apothecary Diaries Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Apothecary Diaries bore the title “The Garden Party.” Maomao learns information about Lady Lishu, Ah-Duo, and the emperor’s family. As Maomao tastes some food for Lady Gyokyou, she finds out that one of the meals is infected. To rid her body of the toxin, she exits the scenario. When Jinshi gets there, he hears that other ministers didn’t trust Maomao when she tried the food.

They eventually gave way under it. After finding Maomao, Jinshi tells her of the news and brings her to the hospital so that any poison that may still be in her body can be removed. He is asked to deliver Lishu and her taste tester to Maomao. Maomao notices a rash on Lishu’s arms and tells Lishu’s tester that Lishu is allergic to mackerels.

She gives them a document that lists emergency measures they can attempt in case Lishu finds herself in a similar circumstance in the future. Maomao and Jinshi talk further about this incident. Jinshi wonders at the end of the episode if there is any connection between this poisoning incident and the wooden tablet scenario from a few episodes prior.

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Ever since the anime made its debut in October 2023, it has captivated viewers’ attention and kept them hooked on the politics in the palace involved. You can watch The Apothecary Diaries on Netflix and Crunchyroll. The most recent addition was titled “The Garden Party” and the upcoming episode will have the title “Homecoming” on 19 November. 

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