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Why Is My Kindle Reader Frozen? How to Fix it in 2023!


Kindle devices, much like smartphones, are prone to problems such as random freezing, not charging, being stuck on the tree screen, not turning on after charging, and other similar issues related to the device.

Those of you who are experiencing a problem with your Kindle device that is comparable to this one are in the right place.

Because of the ease with which these problems may be resolved, there is no reason to throw away your Kindle. Let’s investigate the numerous approaches that can be taken to resolve the problem of the Kindle becoming frozen.

Why Is My Kindle Reader Frozen?

The following are some of the possible causes of your Kindle reader becoming stuck and frozen over:

  1. Insufficient Power: If the battery on your Kindle is extremely low, it may become unresponsive because it may not have sufficient power to refresh the display.
  2. Problems with the System: Just like any other device, your Kindle reader may experience a few software issues or glitches from time to time.
  3. Corrupted File: When you have a corrupted file, the screen on your Kindle may become unresponsive. This may be the result of a particular document or ebook.
  4. Memory Overloaded: If the memory of your Kindle is nearly full as a result of an excessive amount of background operations, the screen may become unresponsive. It is common for older Kindle models that have insufficient memory to exhibit this behavior.
  5. Hardware Problems: Another potential cause of this issue is a damaged component of the hardware that is found on your Kindle device.
  6. In addition to providing assistance in resolving the issue, we will explain the reasons mentioned above.

How to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen?

1. Restart the Kindle.

Restarting your Kindle device is something you should do if it has been frozen and is not responding. Press and hold the Power button on your device for thirty to forty seconds until the gadget goes off. This will accomplish the desired result. In order to turn on the gadget, you must press and hold the same button for four to five seconds.

Once you have held down the Power button on some Kindle devices, you will be presented with a menu. Select the Restart option.

2. Charge Kindle

kindle frozen screen

There is a possibility that the Kindle gadget is running low on battery juice if it is not turning on. Please allow your Kindle to charge for a minimum of half an hour. In order to activate it, you must first push the Power button for a period of time.

An alternative would be to restart the device in the manner described above. Following that, give the Kindle an hour to charge.

Take off the charger and give it a shot at turning it on. While your Kindle is charging, it is possible that you will need to perform this action multiple times over the course of a few hours.

3. Charge Using AC Adapter

This could mean that the battery on your Kindle is severely low. Attempting to charge it using a computer will not provide the necessary amount of electricity to do so.

Instead of charging the Kindle directly from your computer, you should try charging it with an adaptor.

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4. Change the Cable or Adapter

In the event that charging does not make a difference, there may be an issue with the charging cable or adapter that is attached to your Kindle. To charge your Kindle, you could try using a different USB cable or converter.

5. Check Charging Port

In addition to that, you might try moving the USB cable around in the port of the Kindle. There is a possibility that the charging port on your Kindle is working improperly.

You should also blow some air into the port in order to clear away any undesired debris that might be preventing the normal charging action from occurring.

6. Use Physical Buttons

Holding the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously for five to ten seconds when turning on your Kindle device (Kindle Fire tablets) is a viable option if your Kindle device has volume controls.

7. Be Patient

Although it is not technically a fix, this one is essential in resolving the issue of the Kindle becoming frozen or not turning on. In a nutshell, the workarounds described above, particularly the one that involves restarting, might not work on the very first try.

It could take anywhere from six to eight attempts to complete the task. In order to get the Kindle to switch on, you will need to exercise patience and try for a couple of hours.

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8. Factory Reset Kindle

kindle frozen screen

If your Kindle is known for freezing up or not turning on smoothly, you should reset it as soon as you are allowed to use it. This will ensure that it continues to function properly. To accomplish this, launch the Kindle Settings app and navigate to the Device Settings menu. Select the Reset option.

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