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Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 Release Date, Spoilers and Where To Read?


Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 Release Date: The battlefield gets more intense as Gods from different cultures join hands to save humanity. Record of Ragnarok is a manga that chronicles the above story. Every thousand years, the Gods’ Council makes decisions about the fate of humanity.

After seven billion years of untouchable history, they conclude that society is deserving of erasure. The gods decided to hold the Ragnarok tournament in response to Brunhilde, the Valkyrie, who begged for one final opportunity at salvation. In exchange, humanity would be guaranteed a spare life if they could win seven of the thirteen matches that set them against the gods.

We will talk about the release date, raw scans, where to read, and spoilers for Record of Ragnarok Chapter 88 in this article. To view the most recent Record of Ragnarok Chapter 88 updates, scroll down.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 Release Date

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 will be released on 29 November 2023. Refer to the timings below for a better understanding.

Country Date of Release Timings
Japan 29 November 2023 09:30 PM
South Korea 29 November 2023 09:30 PM
Australia 29 November 2023 11:30 PM
India 29 November 2023 11:30 PM
Philippines 29 November 2023 11:00 PM
New York (USA) 29 November 2023 08:00 AM
Central Europe 29 November 2023 05:00 PM

Where to Read The Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88?

You can read The Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 on Viz Media. However, this chapter is not accessible under the free version. You will have to subscribe to the premium service if you wish to read all the previous chapters.

Spoilers For Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 

Unfortunately, there are no spoilers available for The Record Of The Ragnarok Chapter 88. Makers of the series release Raw Scans to keep the viewers hooked to the story. Sadly, the makers have not released the raw scans for the same. You will get complete information if the spoilers or raw scans are available anywhere on the internet.

Leonidas intends to counter Apollo’s arrows with his well-known phalanx formation maneuver. He will also be dependent on his faithful friend Thrud, who has the power to transform into a shield that can block any blow that comes its way. Apollo, the god of music, prophecy, and healing, will show off his might. He’s going to use his lyre to produce noise that will be able to distract Leonidas and lower his spirits.

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Recap of  Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 87

In the previous chapter, readers were riveted by a furious altercation between Leonidas and Apollo. Leonidas summoned the strength of the Phalanx to stop Apollo’s arrows by using his Volund, the shield of Aspis. When Leonidas disclosed his true and heartfelt devotion to his sister Artemis, who had been injured by someone else, the narrative took an intensely personal turn.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 88 Release Date

Leonidas clarified that his one-time use technique, Artemis, symbolized the essence of his sister. In that pivotal moment, Apollo and Leonidas had to face their destiny. Apollo struck Leonidas in the head when he was trying to pierce his heart with his spear.

Against all odds, Leonidas prevailed by a narrow margin, hitting Apollo in the chest before the god could release his arrow. Both gods and humans were astounded by this unexpected turn of events, which elevated Leonidas and Apollo to the status of formidable adversaries. The Valkyrie leader Brunhilde hailed Leonidas’ valor and proclaimed it the sixth great triumph of humanity.

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Record of Ragnarok is swiftly becoming one of the most popular manga series. Thanks to its intriguing plot and diverse cast of characters, the series amassed huge fans. After each new turn in the plot, fans are riveted to their seats. The manga is extremely well-liked. Because of its large fan base, an animated series is also released on Netflix.

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