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How To Win Cutthroat Cargo In Skull And Bones? All You Need To Know About Cargo In Skull And Bones


In Skull and Bones, Cutthroat Cargo is a World Event where winnings are awarded to participants based on competition. You have to take down a merchant ship, loot its cargo, and get it to the port before anyone else does. When you do this, you will receive a Legendary Treasure Map that will show you where important resources such as fiber, metal, wood, and specialized materials are located.

You must adhere to specific guidelines in order to defeat your rivals and save time in Cutthroat Cargo in Skull and Bones. In light of this, this article explores strategies that can make winning the World Event simple.

How to Win at Cutthroat Cargo in Skull and Bones?

In order to prevail in Cutthroat Cargo in Skull and Bones, players must use clever gameplay strategies to deceive rivals and obtain substantial rewards. Here’s a detailed guide explaining how to win this tough World Event:

Avoid Combat

It is imperative that you put moving from one location to another and capturing the cargo ahead of engaging in combat. You’ll save time and be able to concentrate on the main goal by doing this. Taking on the merchant ships will make you slower and give your adversaries the upper hand.

Use Speed-Based Furniture

You may find yourself in a situation where you have to battle the merchant ship during the event. You will require extra furniture in these circumstances so that you can make up for lost time. Furniture that helps your ship move at its maximum speed is the Rope Locker and Balanced Mast.

Cutthroat Cargo In Skull And Bones

These kinds of things will help you regain the advantage over your rivals when they try to outrun you. Additionally, the increased speed could make it easier for you to get from point A to point B and avoid conflict.

Use the Bombardier Padewakang ship

In Skull and Bones, the Bombardier Padewakang is a great ship choice to have the upper hand at Cutthroat Cargo. You can gain an early combat advantage over merchant ships by using it to deal massive damage to armored convoys.

With its four furniture slots, you can stock your arsenal with even more acceleration-focused items. Furthermore, the Bombardier Padewakang’s 11 kn Speed and 37000 Hull Health will help you level the playing field when facing off against large machinery.

Take more stamina-restoring food items

To keep your ship moving forward, you can carry foods like grilled coconuts that help restore stamina. The ship moves more quickly thanks to its speed-based furnishings, but maintaining the acceleration requires stamina.

So steer clear of taking on extra weight and bring along more foods that will restore your stamina. You can use the food items to get to the finish line ahead of your opponents after stealing the cargo.

Skull And Bones: About The Game

Ubisoft recently released a video game called Skull and Bones. It’s all about sea battles and pirates. The game is scheduled for release in February 2024 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Windows-powered PCs. They had also intended to create a version for Google Stadia, but since Google Stadia is no longer accessible, that version will not be made.

Cutthroat Cargo In Skull And Bones

The game is set in a late 1600s fantasy world that draws inspiration from actual locations such as Southeast Asia and East Africa. It was the height of the so-called “Golden Age of Piracy,” when pirates controlled the high seas. Players take on the role of actual pirates in the game, navigating ships, engaging in combat with other pirates, and looking for hidden treasure.

A thrilling and dangerous adventure on the high seas awaits you!


In conclusion, strategic gameplay and resourcefulness are necessary for mastering Skull and Bones’ Cutthroat Cargo. Player success in this difficult World Event can be increased by emphasizing speed over combat, using furniture that increases speed, choosing the right ship, such as the Bombardier Padewakang, and stockpiling food items that restore stamina.

Understanding events like Cutthroat Cargo enhances the competitive and exciting gameplay of Skull and Bones, drawing players into the exhilarating world of high seas piracy.

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