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Fire Bombard 3 Skull and Bones: Best Ship Weapons And Cannons


In Skull and Bones, the Fire Bombard 3 is a potent cannon that erupts, burning enemy ships in the process. It is particularly effective against formations of enemy vessels, but it finds it difficult to hit targets that move quickly due to its slow projectile speed.

Skull And Bones: About The Game

The action-adventure video game “Skull and Bones” was created by Ubisoft Singapore and released by the company. The game offers an immersive experience in a fantastical setting inspired by East Africa and Southeast Asia during the late 17th century, known as the Golden Age of Piracy, and revolves around themes of piracy and naval warfare.

Fire Bombard 3 Skull and Bones: Best Ship Weapons And Cannons



Gamers will take part in exciting naval combat and open-water exploration as they set out on exhilarating maritime adventures. A gripping and exciting gaming experience is guaranteed by the game’s distinctive setting and blend of action and adventure components. Throughout the game, players will come across a variety of obstacles, adversaries, and combat opportunities.

Fire Bombard 3 In Skull And Bones

The Fire Bombard III is a formidable weapon in the video game Skull and Bones. When facing an entire fleet of enemy ships, this weapon is incredibly potent. With its powerful blast, it can strike multiple ships at once. But there’s a catch: because of how slowly it fires, it’s not as effective at hitting targets that move quickly.

Fire Bombard III

  • Level: 98
  • Infamy: Cutthroat I
  • Damage: 2925
  • Explosive: +585
  • Fire: +292
  • Perks: Explosive II and Burning I

Because of its unique advantages, the Fire Bombard III is extremely vicious. It has Burning I and Explosive II. That implies that it will explode even more forcefully upon impact, dealing more damage. In addition, it ignites objects, making it even more difficult for adversaries to flee its fury.

In conclusion, the Fire Bombard III is the ideal cannon to use in Skull and Bones if you want to wreak destruction and confusion among groups of ships.

Best Ship Weapons And Cannons

The weapons and cannons you install on your ship are crucial to winning battles in the game Skull and Bones. Here’s a quick reference to the top ones:

  • Demicannon: Short to Medium-Range Spread Damage: Because of their special perk, demicannons—especially Flooding Demicannon III—are perfect for mid-range battles because they can deal a lot of damage and flood an area.
  • Sea Fire: Short-Range Damage Over Time: Aggressive players can benefit greatly from Sea Fire weapons, especially the Blue Specter, which quickly engulfs opponents in flames and deals substantial damage over time.

Fire Bombard 3 Skull and Bones: Best Ship Weapons And Cannons

  • Long Gun: Long-Range Sniping: Scurlock’s Long Nines and other long guns work well for long range sniping, causing damage to opponents long before they get close.
  • Culverin: Beginner All-Rounder: A good option for those just starting out, Culverins have a good range and reload speed, and the Basilisk III is a good option for hull piercing.

In Skull and Bones, having the appropriate weapons and arranging them on your ship strategically can give you a significant advantage. To acquire the best cannons as quickly as possible, carefully consider your fighting style and make a plan.

Skull And Bones Gameplay

An open-world tactical action game called “Skull and Bones” lets players explore the Indian Ocean on their own or join forces to fight in Disputed Waters. Players command mutable pirate vessels with distinct armaments and fighting maneuvers. In the multiplayer mode, Loot Hunt, players climb ship crow’s nests to get a better view as they explore and hunt for treasure.

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