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Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum: A Complete Guide On How To Get Temporal Sanctum In Last Epoch


You can follow the walkthrough of Last Epoch’s Temporal Sanctum Dungeon with this in-depth guide.

One of the three dungeons in Last Epoch that will test your abilities and fortification is the Temporal Sanctum. One of the dungeon’s special features is the Temporal Shift ability, which lets you flip between two different eras. This thorough guide will walk you through Last Epoch’s Temporal Sanctum Dungeon from start to finish.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Guide and Walkthrough

A challenging game that combines epic boss fights, time manipulation, and era switching is The Temporal Sanctum. Everything you need to take on the Temporal Sanctum, beat the bosses, and get some potent legendary gear as rewards in Last Epoch has already been covered here!

How To Find Temporal Sanctum Dungeon?

You must first obtain a Temporal Sanctum dungeon key in order to enter the Temporal Sanctum. These can drop at random from enemies, the Arena of Champions, and timeline bosses.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum

After obtaining a key, proceed to the Ruined Era’s Shining Cove. Proceed northeast until you come to a sizable stone door. Proceed northwest along your route, passing by a few sunken ships. In order to access the dungeon, you must defeat Ortra’ek the Survivor.

Navigating the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon

The Temporal Sanctum has a non-randomized layout, but every run, a random block will be placed in the path between doors. To get around obstacles, you’ll need to switch between the Ruined and Divine eras using the Temporal Shift skill.

The dungeon is divided into two map sections and an arena, with doors separating each area. To take on the boss, get to the finish.

Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Boss Fight

Time-controlling boss Chronomancer Julra is a formidable foe in Last Epoch. She will use Temporal Shift to avoid the exploding clock that fills the entire arena. If you move timelines, Dimensional Tear debuffs will also show up.

Julra has the ability to call forth a variety of pillars that are only destroyable in the other era. As soon as she builds a pillar, break it quickly, and move carefully to avoid her Unraveling Decay attack. Once Julra is defeated, the Temporal Sanctum dungeon quest is finished.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum

Builds Description
Time Mage Manipulates time magic to alter the flow of combat. Can slow, speed up, rewind time, and see future events.
Chrono Knight A fighter that uses time travel abilities for battle advantage. Can teleport short distances, freeze enemies, and age opponents to weaken them.
Temporal Alchemist Mixes potions and elixirs with time magic to grant momentary boosts and hindrances. Can transmute objects and local time flow.
Temporal Assassin Controls time to strike lethal blows. Produces clones, accelerates attacks, and slows time to evade.
Temporal Scholar Supports allies by studying time and space mysteries. Can heal wounds over time and open portals.


Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Quest Rewards

Julra has four uniques that can drop based on difficulty in addition to rare gear. The list of Julra’s unique drops is as follows:

Tier 1: The Stardial (Unique Ring) of Julra
Somnia (unique helmet) is Tier 2
Tier 3: Exclusive Gloves—Julra’s Obsession
Tier 4: Special Relic: Vessel of Strife
The real reward, though, comes from using the Eternity Cache once you’ve won. You can craft a potent legendary gear piece and significantly enhance your character’s abilities by combining an exalted item and a unique with Legendary Potential using the Eternity Cache.

You’ll be prepared to tackle this end-game content and take home incredible legendary loot if you know how to navigate the dungeon and defeat Julra. Modify your character’s build, become an expert at Temporal Shift, and demonstrate your abilities against the Chronomancer!

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