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Palworld Dragon Weakness: A Guide to Palworld’s Draconic Vulnerabilities


To succeed in Palworld, one must learn to leverage each Pal’s advantages and disadvantages. Although they are strong, dragons are susceptible to the effects of fire, ice, and dark elements. The game has nine distinct element types, and knowing them can significantly improve a player’s success and strategy.

Dragon-Style Flaws

In Palworld, dragons are especially susceptible to certain element types:

Element Effectiveness Explanation
Ice Super Effective Ice attacks take advantage of Dragon’s innate susceptibility to cold to deal massive damage.
Fairy Effective Significant damage is dealt by fairy moves, which dragons find difficult to oppose.


Chart Of Weaknesses

This is a helpful chart that summarizes the resistances and weaknesses of Dragon-types:

Element Effectiveness
Ice Super Effective (2x damage)
Fairy Effective (1.5x damage)
Dragon Resisted (0.5x damage)
Fire Resisted (0.5x damage)
Other Types Neutral (1x damage)


Putting Together A Dragon-Slaying Squad

To counter Dragons, concentrate on allies that have the following qualities:

Palworld Dragon Weakness

  • Ice-Type Pals: Include strong Ice-type friends like Cryolinx and Sweepa in your group. They will inflict the greatest harm.
  • Fairy-Type Friends: Friends with powerful Fairy-type attacks, such as Flotrol or Flamoliva, provide assistance.
  • Mixed Strategy: An even and flexible team is produced by combining Ice and Fairy-type Pals.

Combat Strategies

  • Prioritize Ice Moves: To increase damage output, concentrate on employing the strongest attacks of your Ice-type allies.
  • Make Use of Fairy Support: Fairy-type moves deal steady damage and can sometimes have status effects.
  • Defense and Healing: Make sure your team has enough potions and boosts to keep them healthy as they defeat the Dragon.

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Elements

In Palworld, every element has distinct benefits and drawbacks in addition to special abilities. It is essential that any trainer comprehend this. Here’s a condensed summary:

  • Fire is weak against Water but does more damage to Grass.
  • Water is resistant to fire, but it is more vulnerable to electric damage.
  • Electric moves are less effective on Ground Pals, but they are very effective against Water types.
  • Grass finds it difficult to repel Fire attacks, but it can easily defeat Water Pals.

Battle Strategy Planning

Trainers should prepare by customizing their Paldeck to the enemies they expect to encounter in order to succeed in Palworld. To make sure you’re prepared for battle, follow these steps:

  1. See what elemental type the opponent is.
  2. Use Moves to select allies that take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses.
  3. In order to protect each other’s weaknesses, balance your squad.

In order to lessen incoming damage during difficult encounters like boss fights, it’s crucial to concentrate on your friends’ elemental strengths as well as their resistances.

Essentials Of Palworld Survival

In Palworld, thriving extends beyond battle. Other crucial responsibilities for trainers include planting, mining, and making medicine. By choosing the appropriate Pal for the job, you can simplify each of these tasks.

Palworld Dragon Weakness

For example, Ground types may be better at mining, but Pals with Water abilities may be more successful at watering plants. Friends who are right for the job can make all the difference between thriving and barely scraping by.

In Palworld, choosing your party wisely and knowing which Pals are suitable for different jobs are essential for both daily survival and fighting.

In summary, mastery of Palworld’s elemental type chart and its strategic application are essential for winning fights against Pals and handling survival tasks well.

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