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Tomba! Special Edition: Release Date, Gameplay and More!


Good news for all the Tomba Game  lovers is that it is all set to release soon enough. Read ahead to know more.

Tomba! first came out in 1997, and now it has returned with quality improvements. The Tombo game has returned in a special edition, which is the best version of the popular platform game. As Tomba, you will jump, bite, and throw your way through stunning 2.5D landscaapes in an attempt to defeat evil pigs.

In this adventure, you will embark on a quest to discover ancient treasures. The Tomba Special Edition is going to be released soon. The game has been updated with new technology and new effects.


  • Title              :   Tomba Special Edition
  • Developers  :   Limited Run Games
  • Publishers   :   Limited Run Games
  • Franchises   :   Tomba
  • Genres         :   Action, Platformer, Remaster
  • Platforms    :   PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam


Tomba! Special Edition Expected Release Date

Tomba! Special Edition Release Date

The anticipated game Tomba! Special Edition upcoming PC, PlayStation 5 and Switch release date in the USA and UK is confirmed to be Thursday August 1st and the upcoming PlayStation 4 release date in the USA and UK is confirmed to be 2024.

What is the Game Play of Tomba?

Now we know what these features are, according to the updated Steam page of the game.

  • Save Anywhere! No more worrying about heading back to a checkpoint.
  • Rewind! Stuck on a difficult challenge? Try again!
  • Toggle for analog control
  • A museum crammed with classic print advertisements, original packaging and manuals, never- before-seen dev documents, and high-res original artwork.
  • A new remastered soundtrack.
  • Interview with the creator, Tokuro Fujiwara.

Tomba! Special Edition Plot: What to Expect with it?

Special Edition from Limited Run Games in collaboration with original developer Whoopee Camp. Tomba was a classic action platformer released on the PS1 in 1997, but it’s getting new life on new consoles with a remastered edition that will bring the game to new audiences in August 2024

The Tombo game has returned in a special edition, which is the best version of the popular platform game. You leap and bite your way across 2.5D landscapes to overcome a deplorable cadre of nefarious pigs. Along the way, you’ll explore ancient relics, discover fascinating characters, unlock thrilling quests, and unearth hidden treasures.

Tomba! Special Edition Release Date

Tomba: Features

  • Dynamic Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Leaping and Biting Tomba’s primary way of interacting with the world is through his unique abilities to jump and tink on the floor, a coveted part in the staging organization
  • Throwing  There is also a feature in the game in which Tomba can pick up many objects and enemies and throw them. Which is necessary to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.
  • 2.5D Landscapes:

  • The game beautifully blends 2D and 3D elements, creating rich and layered environments that offer a classic yet fresh platforming experience.
  • Each area is well-designed with hidden paths, secret areas and interactive elements that encourage repeat play.
  • Engaging Story and Quests

  • Quest System Tomba! is known for its innovative quest system. These quests range from simple tasks to more complex puzzles that often give players items, abilities, or rewards that advance the story.
  • Interesting characters  During his journey, Tomba meets a number of detailed and memorable characters who each have their own quirks that add depth to the game’s stories.
  • Ancient Relics and Treasures

  • The game is filled with ancient relics and treasures waiting to be discovered. These items often provide Tomba with new abilities or essential tools needed to progress in his quest.
  • Exploration is highly encouraged, as many secrets are hidden off the beaten path, rewarding curious players with unique and powerful items.
  • Challenging and Varied Enemies

  • The main enemy is the magical pigs who have their own unique abilities and there are different plans to defeat them.

Where To Play Tomba?

Limited Run Games worked with creator Tokuro Fujiwara to bring classic platformers to modern platforms. Publisher Limited Run Games and developer Whoopee Camp will release an enhanced version of Tomba! for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam, the companies announced.

Special Edition:Tomba Official Trailer

The trailer for the Tomba game has been released. You can watch the official trailer special Edition: Tomba by clicking on the link.

Fans of the game will definitely enjoy this trailer.


Overall, Tomba! is an engaging mix of platforming, exploration, and puzzles, all wrapped up in a cute and colorful world. Its unique mechanics, engaging story, and richly designed environments make it a remarkable title that will always be remembered.

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