Fact Checking Policy

Our goal is to have totally truthful headlines, and as such, every news item on the site goes through a stringent verification procedure. We clearly mark rumors and insider reports so that our readers may tell them apart from the truth and important business discourse.

Before publishing any content, we check to make sure it’s up-to-date and trustworthy. We always triple-check our sources and trace them back to the original before beginning a draft (and any relevant reference material). 

To make such a bold assertion, we want unwavering proof, regardless of whether or not other media outlets have reported on the matter and passed it off as official confirmation. There will never be any clickbait on our site. While our headlines may be laden with hyperbole, we never generalize for the sake of it. This must be checked to ensure it is correct. The articles on theindnews.com not only report the news but also provide authoritative background information on the news’ significance.

Members of crossover99.com writing staff come from a variety of entertainment industry backgrounds, but they share a passion for the arts and a commitment to providing readers with insightful and engaging content.

Our writers and editors have years of experience in the industry, so you can trust that every new piece they produce is up-to-date, fact-checked, and complete. When we are the primary source, we follow the highest ethical standards in the news business.

While Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

No changes have been made to the standards for feature articles, which continue to stress the need of research, objectivity, and delivering a compelling argument (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counter-arguments). By taking this approach, we’ll be better equipped to deal with a wider variety of potential situations and to anticipate and address the needs of our readers.