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ketv.com Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Ketv.com is a website that provides traffic analytics and market share data. The website is popular among users who are interested in tracking traffic patterns and trends. The website has been growing in popularity, with more than 3 million unique visitors in the month of July 2019. This is an increase of nearly 30% from the previous year. Ketv.com is the fourth most popular website in the United States, behind Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Traffic Overview

Looking at the traffic for ketv.com, we can see that it is fairly steady throughout the day with a slight peak around 9am and again at 6pm. The website has a global rank of 5,868,737 and a US rank of 1,764,941. The majority of their traffic comes from the United States (66.5%), followed by Canada (14.1%), and then the United Kingdom (3.6%). As for pageviews, the site receives an average of 43,200 per day.

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Top Keywords

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In order to better understand the website traffic for ketv.com, it is important to understand the top keywords that bring visitors to the site. The following are the top keywords that bring traffic to ketv.com, based on data from Alexa.com:

1. “ketv” – This is the most popular keyword used to find ketv.com, and is likely due to the fact that it is the brand name of the website.

2. “news” – Many people use ketv.com for its news content, which includes local Nebraska news as well as national and international news stories.

3. “weather” – Another popular reason for visiting ketv.com is for its up-to-date weather information, which is especially useful for those living in or near Omaha, Nebraska.

4. “sports” – Many sports fans use ketv.com for its sports coverage, which includes both local and national sports stories.

5. “traffic” – Some people use ketv.com to check on Omaha traffic conditions before heading out on their commute or travels.

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Top Competitors

Omaha News, Weather and Sports - Nebraska News - KETV NewsWatch 7

KETV.com is the website for KETV NewsWatch 7, the ABC affiliate in Omaha, Nebraska. According to Alexa.com, it is the most popular website in Nebraska and has a global rank of 35,962 and a United States rank of 10,965.

Its top competitors are KMTV.com (the website for KMTV 3 News Now, the CBS affiliate in Omaha) and WOWT.com (the website for WOWT NBC Omaha). Both of these websites have a global rank that is lower than KETV.com’s – KMTV.com is ranked 102,397 globally and WOWT.com is ranked 116,081 globally. In terms of United States rank, KMTV.com is ranked 27,920 and WOWT.com is ranked 28,735

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As of May 2020, ketv.com ranks as the 284th most popular website in the United States and the 1,338th globally. In terms of traffic, it is ranked as the 562nd most popular website in the US and the 2,576th globally.

In terms of market share, ketv.com has a 0.009% share of the total US market and a 0.004% share of the global market.