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Lee married actress Heather Locklear on May 10, 1986. In 1993, the couple divorced. Locklear later married Richie Sambora, the guitarist from Bon Jovi, with whom she has a daughter, Ava

1. Personal Experiences of Tommy Lee

When Tommy Lee met Nikki Sixx, Sixx was trying to put together a heavy metal band that would be very dramatic and focuses on anthems.

2. Motley Crüe

Suite 19, Lee’s band, was a fixture on the Sunset Strip club circuit in Los Angeles in the late 1970s, with other up-and-coming acts like Van Halen and Quiet Riot

3. What Is the Music Career of Tommy Lee?

In 1999, Lee formed Methods of Mayhem, a supergroup-style rap-metal band. Methods of Mayhem, the band’s debut album, was released the same year,

4. Other Projects

Lee starred in the NBC reality show Tommy Lee Goes to College in 2004. Lee was also one of the show’s producers.

5. Career in Film and Television

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