Neil Diamond Net Worth

Early Career of Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond had been skipping classes and visiting Tin Pan Alley, a New York neighborhood where numerous music publishers and songwriters had “set up shop,” during his college years.

Songwriting Success

Diamond lived on less than $3 a day in today’s money for the following few years. He spent most of his time writing songs, several of which would go on to become hits in the future.

Success of Neil Diamond

Diamond returned to Columbia in 1973 to sign a deal that would pay him a $1 million advance for every album. The contract would be worth about $5.75 million in today’s money. He released the album Serenade in 1974.

Catalog Sale

Neil agreed to sell his complete song portfolio as well as recording rights to Universal Music Group for an unknown sum in February 2022.

Parkinson’s Disease

Neil Diamond revealed that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2018. Tremors, stiffness, constipation, and trouble completing motor tasks such as walking

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