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How to Share Full Reels on Instagram Story: Know Here!

Instagram has both Reels and Stories, but they serve different purposes. If you want to upload a video on your profile, you can use Reels, which allows for clips up to 30 seconds in length, while Stories let you submit photographs and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram also provides the option to include reel videos in your story, which may be played live. When creating an Instagram story, it can be difficult to upload longer videos. Since the maximum length of a narrative is 15 seconds, any reels that are longer than that will be automatically shortened and just the relevant 15 seconds will be included in your story.

If this is happening to your Instagram account as well, read on for a quick and easy solution. This quick tutorial will cover the basics of posting a full-length reel video to your Instagram story. If you upload a video to your story that is more than 15 seconds long, it will be split into two pieces and played in succession.

How to Share Full Reels on Instagram Story 2022?

Most Instagram Users Will Tap the “add to Your Tale” Option to Include a Video in Their Story. Then, Select “add to Your Tale” from The “send” Menu in Your Editor’s Story Screen.

if You Want to Share Complete Film Reels of Your Stories, All You Have to Do Is Make a Small Tweak. Instead of Tapping Your Preferred Story Option to Send It to Others, You Can Use the “send To” Button. in This Way, Instagram Will Add Full-Length Reel Movies to Your Story Highlights. Launch the Instagram Application on Your I Os or Android Device.

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How to Post Full Reel on Instagram Story?

There Are Two Options for Posting or Sharing a Whole Instagram Story. One of The Ways, However, Is only Compatible with An Older Version of Instagram.

First and Foremost, We Will Study a Universally Applicable Method for Adding Whole 30- and 60-Second Reels to Your Instagram Story.

We’ll Wrap up By Discussing how To Upload Entire Reels to Instagram Stories Utilizing the Pre-V. I Say We Break This Down Into Manageable Chunks.

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Method 1

  • To Create an Instagram Story, Load the Clips You Want to Use from Your Instagram Reels.
  • Select the Ellipsis () and Then the “Copy Link” Option to Duplicate the Reels’ Link.
  • Click on Your Preferred Web Browser and Then Enter “Instagram Reels Downloaded” Into the Search Bar.
  • There Will Be a Plethora of Sites Available, but The Best Five for Instagram Downloaders Are Listed Here.
  • The Reels Url You Copied Should Now Be Pasted Into the Search Bar.
  • Instagram Users Can Tap the Download Icon to Save Videos to Their Mobile Devices.
  • The Next Step Is To Launch Instagram and Click the “+” Button.
  • Select the “tale” Menu Item to Add More Reels.
  • Click the Downloaded Reels that Have Appeared.
  • For Your Convenience, We Have Broken up The Narrative Into Various Sections that Occur at Different Times. Tap the Next Available Option to Proceed.
  • Go to Your Story and Click the Share Button to Broadcast It.

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Method 2

To Share a Reel to Your Story, You’ll First Need to Upgrade to A Paid Account, Then Tap the Left Arrow Instagram Followed by The Share Icon. Let’s Break This Down Into Its Component Parts. Create a Business Profile on Instagram to Get Started. Browse the Individual’s Profile.

  • Launch the Instagram Highlights You Want to Include in Your Tale.
  • Just Keep Tapping the Share Button to Add More Reels to Your Narrative.
  • Tap the Left Arrow Icon (>) Now, as Demonstrated in The Screenshot.
  • Once You’ve Finished Adding Clips to Your Story, Hit the “share” Button.

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