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The Complete List of Confirmed, Exclusive, and Rumored Xbox Series X Games

The next-generation gaming system from Microsoft will be on sale in November 2020 with brand-new graphics, a quicker load time, and a ton of other improvements. With each event, Microsoft announces additional games for their next gaming console, which will have an intriguing lineup.

Halo Infinite, which will launch on the same day as the Xbox Series X, was among the numerous brand-new games Microsoft displayed during its most recent event on July 23. Here is a fast list of all the Xbox Series X games that have been confirmed, anticipated, or reported to date, if you’re really curious.

Let’s look at the list of all the titles that have either been confirmed or that we anticipate will be released on Microsoft’s next-generation system.

Brilliant Memory Unending

Bright Memory Infinite, an epic-looking shooter game being developed by Playism, appears to involve swordplay, gunplay, and awesome driving scenes.


If you purchase the upcoming Ultimate Edition, which will include both DLC packs, you may get the popular game from Remedy for free on next-generation systems. As the base game does not contain an upgrade to the Xbox Series X or PS5, we would have to recommend this alternative if you haven’t purchased this game yet and plan to do so.

Dirt 5

The most recent high-speed racing game in the ongoing franchise, DiRT 5, is being developed by Codemasters! You can pay on Xbox One and then transfer your progress to Xbox Series X when you upgrade because it has Smart Delivery!


Scorn, a spooky game with skeletons and animals that are probably not nice, is being developed by Ebb Software. Although the plot is still mostly unknown, the graphics are excellent.

Psychology 2

Psychonauts 2 was announced for the Xbox Series X in 2015, however a release date has not yet been specified.

Raz is seen exploring a vivid, hallucinogenic level that has some extremely intriguing adversaries and design decisions you might expect to find in a Psychonauts follow-up.

We’re ecstatic to see a Psychonauts sequel finally happen, complete with psychedelic soundtrack from Jack Black.

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Beyond Light in Destiny 2

The Xbox Series X will soon receive a new version of Destiny 2 with all the DLC packs and running at 60 frames per second in Ultra 4K.


The video game Chorus, which depicts flying spacecraft frolicking over courses, is being developed by Deep Silver and Fishblade. Additionally, it boasts amazing graphics and a strong female lead.

Bloodlines 2: Vampire the Masquerade

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 is being created by Paradox Interactive and will be an Xbox Series X game. Get ready for a lot of fun and violent vampire activity!

The Climb

The Ascent, which is being created by Neon Giant and Curve Digital, appears to be a dystopian adventure with a cyberpunk twist! may be fantastic.

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The Middle

Another Xbox Series X title, The Medium, has been confirmed. It’s a psychological thriller game with Silent Hill-like elements.

We’re eager to see how this actually functions when it starts, running simultaneous gaming that takes place across two universes displayed at once!

Purple Nexus

BLA, a game filled with monsters, is coming to Xbox Series X from Bandai Namco. It is crammed with strange, seemingly unharmed species, so that should be entertaining! You’ll use a variety of powers to combat these weird foes!

Reclaim Earth in The Second Extinction

In Second Extinction, rally your squad and fire at dinosaur-like creatures: Claim Earth is a game where you fight against ancient creatures to recover the Earth, just as it says on the box!

Xbox Live Arcade

Forza Motorsport 8, which was curiously not officially branded Forza Motorsport 8, is now being developed by Turn 10 Studios, according to Phil Spencer. The game’s 60FPS performance has been verified.

A Dragon Like The Yakuza

Yakuza: Like A Dragon, a new Yakuza game, will soon be released! This will be a launch title for the Xbox Series X and be accessible on the Xbox One and PC as well.

Invoke the Sea

Call Of The Sea, a game being developed by Out Of The Blue, appears to have all the makings of an independent masterpiece. A first-person adventure game, it features lots of puzzles and seaside fun.

Survivor Evil Village

The eighth Resident Evil game, formally known as RE: Village, will launch on next-generation systems in 2021.

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