Ethics Policy

The staff at Cross Over 99 is committed to providing content that is reliable and logical.
Our goal is always to present the full picture in an objective and trustworthy manner while reporting on a story.


The staff at Cross Over 99 is committed to covering sports in an objective and informative manner. Verifying all of a piece of writing’s facts and sources before to its release can ensure its veracity and reliability. In addition, numerous eyes look at the paperwork at various checkpoints to make sure they’re up to snuff. We make every effort to keep the content here accurate and current, but mistakes sometimes happen. A person’s poor judgement can cause them to unintentionally make serious errors in judgement. Should this occur, Cross Over 99e reserves the right to provide a retractions, clarifications, or corrections.


Every worker at Cross Over 99 is responsible for maintaining the company’s dedication to a no-shading policy. The integrity of our reporting relies on the trustworthiness of our sources, which we strive to establish by being forthright about their goals. Finding a middle ground is essential when talking about serious topics.

To conceal their dishonesty, dishonest bookkeepers would omit vital details. Information that contradicts the truth is also unfair. A story is unjust if it misrepresents reality or misleads its audience. A well-rounded report will cover all relevant angles and be written dispassionately.

If the persons or locations being depicted in the narrative are not given the chance to refute the statements or assertions made about them, the report cannot be considered fair. Time should be allowed for people to respond to what has happened, what is happening, and most crucially, what has been said about them.


Trusting others is a function of how genuine you come across to them.
Cross Over 99 has assured us that its staff will take all required measures to avoid conflicts of interest.
No one who gives us the news ever gives us any type of incentive, financial or otherwise.
We also do not accept money from governments, government-funded institutions, government officials, political parties, or legislators who have controversial stances on subjects.
There should be no financial or other benefit to the reporters or editors from the entities they investigate.
Furthermore, all content published on Cross Over 99 must have appropriate citation.
You can’t use information from an anonymous source without the editor’s permission.
In such a scenario, writers and editors should be able to articulate the source’s openness and reliability.