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Editorial Policy

We try to keep high journalistic standards at Cross Over 99 so that we can give our readers news and articles that are unique and of high quality. When you write for us, you agree to these rules and know that if you don’t follow them, we might not publish your article. You will make a deal with us that will require you to agree to this policy in writing.


We expect every article to be completely unique. They should pass Copyscape and other checks for duplicate content. The writer should only send our editors content that has never been published before. You must pay attention to writing content that is useful to our readers. Plagiarized or rewritten articles that were already out there will be turned down.

Arguments And Facts

Before putting something in the article, all claims and data about money should be thoroughly checked. The clients will not accept any false claims or skewed information. We make sure that any information we put on our website is already in the public domain and has been checked by the right people. The writers must put a link to a relevant website where the data, statistics, or claims were published before.

Always try to back up your claims with real-world evidence. You can back up your claims with pictures, graphs, and screenshots. If your claim isn’t backed up by authoritative websites or experts, you shouldn’t use it in your article.


Every article you write for us should be useful to our readers. Your article should have a clear goal that must be met for it to be useful. We want to give our readers articles that tell them about the latest news and help them understand how money works. All of the articles should be completely unbiased, and no currency, market, or company should be promoted or marketed in any way.

Getting The Word Out And Selling

No article should make claims or give information about a business, person, or finance to market or promote it. Your article’s title, subheadings, and content should always be honest and straightforward. You shouldn’t link to any article that advertises a business, a currency, or a person. We don’t want our articles to have any promotional or marketing links.


Keep in mind that our readers are not just anyone, but people who are really interested in money. Your articles should always have useful information for people who know a lot about money. Our goal is to give them the most up-to-date information and news about money. So, we should know who our readers are before we write an article for them.

The Article Will Be Accepted

The editorial board is the only one who can decide whether or not to publish the article. Our editors don’t have to tell us why they accept or reject something. When an article is accepted, we’ll make a decision based on how it makes us feel. All of the writers will have to follow each decision made by the board.

Writing News

Make sure that when you write news for us, you check it with all reliable sources. Even though we have shorter deadlines for posting news on our platform, we think it’s important to check that each news post is real before it goes live. Make sure that each news story and piece of data in the post is backed up by real-world evidence.

If you want to write good content for our readers, you should follow this editorial policy.