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How to Set Up an Apple Watch for Your Kids

A growing number of parents are buying their children Apple Watches. A few weeks ago, the New York Times published a piece about the rising popularity of the Apple Watch among youngsters as young as five.

For kids who want cell phones, many parents are discovering that the Apple Watch is a better option. Without the full cost and risk of a smartphone, the Apple Watch provides a method for children to stay in touch with parents, share their whereabouts, and develop responsibility.

Apple Watch for Kids

Without the full cost and risk of a smartphone, the Apple Watch allows children to stay in touch with parents, share locations, and develop responsibility.

The watch’s restricted functionality—no access to the internet or social media apps—makes it an appealing option for parents trying to ease their children into technology.

Family Setup for Apple Watch

Thanks to Apple’s Family Setup function, parents may set up their child’s cellular Apple Watch SE or Series 4 and above device from their own iPhone. The relative can get by quite fine without an iPhone.

T-family Mobile’s plan, which includes unlimited talking and 500MB of data per month, costs only $5 per month when paid for in advance via auto-pay, despite the fact that the average monthly connection rate is closer to $10 plus fees. If you’re a T-Mobile customer and are looking to save money on a watch plan for your kid, this is a great option.

As part of Family Setup, there is a feature called Schooltime that limits the Apple Watch while the kids are in class. This can be controlled conveniently from an iPhone by the parents.

Watch Bands that Fit Kids

The love of my life is a five-year-old I have. I don’t think he’s quite ready for an Apple Watch, but I was wondering how well kids’ wrists would work with standard watch bands. Thankfully, he agreed to let me use his tiny wrist for the experiment.

Nothing I owned fit my tiny wrists. In any case, success was achieved by using a band for the Apple Watch that was designed with children in mind. This buckled band in the style of Nike Sportswear cost me less than $15 and was the exact size.

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Best Apple Watch Prices for Kids

New Apple Watches can be pricy, but they’re a great way to introduce your child to the world of semi-smartphones. There is a $299 price tag for a brand new Apple Watch SE 2 with cellular functionality and a 40mm display. That’s why cellular wristwatches passed down down the generations are perfect for the Family Grid.

You may also find used Apple Watches on sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, as well as in Amazon’s refurbished section. Here in town, you can get a 40mm cellular SE for $120, and I’ve seen very comparable deals on Amazon’s Renewed Store.

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Recommended Model

If you wish to use the Family Setup feature, you’ll need to make sure you have GPS + Cellular. A smaller size, such as 40mm or 41mm, is preferable for children.

Stay away from the Apple Watch Series 3 if you’re looking to get a watch set up for a kid who doesn’t have access to an iPhone. Models with cellular connectivity can be found on the cheap, but they will no longer receive software upgrades. They also necessitate the use of an iPhone and are not compatible with the Family Setup feature.

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Do you have any personal experience with introducing your children to the Apple Watch? Don’t be shy about offering advice and suggestions here. You can get the finest Apple bargains, including Apple Watch, every day on 9to5Toys.

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