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Signal Messaging App Will Soon Have Stories Feature for Its Users: How It Works

The first hints that a feature called Signal Stories will soon be added to the secure messaging app have been found in the most recent beta version of the program.

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Snapchat was the first platform to debut the feature known as Stories, which was subsequently adopted by other platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Therefore, it would appear that Signal does not want to deprive its users of the opportunity to make advantage of this function, which is why Stories is now making its way to Signal as well.

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Stories for Signal will soon be available in beta version 5.52 for Android users, and version 5.

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57 will be available for iOS users.

You may simply share movies, photographs, or even text with people on your contact list in the form of a “Story,” which vanishes after 24 hours on its own. Stories can be shared on Instagram.

Stories will be accessible to users of the Signal app in the form of a new tab that is positioned directly below the area devoted to Chats at the bottom of the program’s user interface.

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How to Create Stories on Signal

– Click on the Stories tab

– Click on the My Stories bubble at the top of the interface

– Create or Add an image/video with a text to share as Stories

– Signal allows you to save the cropped image on the device

– To create Stories with Text, click on the Text option from the bottom bar

– Tap on the arrow button to share the Stories

Stories on Signal Is Still only Accessible to Beta Users, but You May Submit an Application to Be a Part of The Signal Beta Program Right Now in Order to Try out The Functionality. You Can Acquire Additional Information by Going to The Google Play Store.

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With the Introduction of Its Very Own Stories Avatar, Instagram Has Unquestionably Leapfrogged Snapchat. You Have the Ability to Share Stories with A Specific Group of Users, at Which Point the Stories Symbol Will Turn Green for Those Users.

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