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Fallout 76: Radtoad Locations


Track these mutant toads by finding all of the Radtoad locations in Fallout 76.

The once-harmless toads have undergone mutations due to the Great War’s radiation, in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76. Now that they are enormously large, these Radtoads are dangerous and aggressive to players. Every Radtoad location in Fallout 76 is covered in this guide.

Every Radtoad Spot In Fallout 76

The vast open-world of the game, Appalachia, is home to several locations where players can come across Radtoads. Radtoads can be found in the following places:

  • The Sludge Hole
  • Beckwith farm
  • Grafton
  • The Path to Enlightenment event at the Landview Lighthouse
  • Fasnacht Day event
  • Tea Time event at The Giant Teapot

Fallout 76: Radtoad Locations

A great place to find these creatures is the Sludge Hole, a dangerous and toxic area. In addition, they are visible at Beckwith Farm and the surrounding areas of Grafton. But some places can only produce Radtoads when particular things happen.

Radtoads seeking enlightenment are sure to come across you at the Landview Lighthouse during The Path to Enlightenment event. In a similar vein, these mutant toads are Helvetia’s initial wave of enemies during the Fasnacht Day celebration. Additionally, Radtoad encounters are part of the Tea Time event at The Giant Teapot near the water tower.

Radtoad Varieties

Similar to Lesser Devils, Radtoads can take on multiple mutated forms, each with their own special traits and skills. Be ready for a variety of challenges, ranging from the standard green Radtoad to the glowing, albino, and even scorched variants.

The variations of Radtoad are as follows::

  • Normal Radtoad
  • Parasitic Radtoad
  • Albino Radtoad
  • Glowing Radtoad
  • Hideous Radtoad
  • Fetid Radtoad
  • Vile Radtoad
  • Poisonous Radtoad
  • Deadly Radtoad
  • Scorched Radtoad
  • Prime Radtoad

While some Radtoads have strong ranged attacks or increased durability, others can release egg clusters that function as mines.

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Benefits And Assets

Even though they might not drop anything very valuable, defeating Radtoads can yield resources like eggs, legs, and different kinds of junk. Rarer varieties might also provide nuclear waste, glowing meat, glowing blood, or even prime meat.

Fallout 76: Radtoad Locations

It is not an easy task to kill Radtoads. Caution and strategic planning are required due to their close-quarters combat skills, long-range tongue attacks, and the potential for explosive egg mines. To survive these mutant monsters, you must have a well-stocked arsenal, manage crowds efficiently, and practice good preparation.


If you’re looking for a fun challenge, useful items, or just to finish tasks, knowing where Radtoads are in Fallout 76 is essential. Discover Appalachia, find these toads with mutations, and win!

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