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Manor Lords: Early Access Developer Roadmap


We’ll investigate if a roadmap for the early access launch of Manor Lords exists.

Manor Lords, an intriguing medieval strategy game, has attracted a lot of players since its release and, even though it is still in Early Access, has received a lot of favorable reviews. The game creates a very different and enjoyable experience by fusing large-scale tactical battles with city building through the integration of in-game social and economic variables.

Having said that, we’ll examine if the developer has a roadmap for Manor Lords and what kind of updates we can anticipate down the road. It is encouraging to see new games being developed with love and care, as opposed to the usual AAA studio releases that have left many players disappointed and selling subpar games.

Is There A Manor Lord Road Map?

Regretfully, there will not be a roadmap for Manor Lords’ Early Access phase released by the developer.

 [I do not plan on releasing a roadmap yet. I’ve made a mistake once or twice before, of promising and working on a feature only to find out that the testers didn’t care as much as I did and that they actually wanted something else. So even if I have a plan, I want to adopt the philosophy of “listen, verify, implement”. This way I expect the first month of patches to be just bug fixes and polish. During that time, together with Hooded Horse, we’ll be collecting your feedback and then prioritizing work based on what we hear.]

Manor Lords: Early Access Developer Roadmap

This will free up the developer to work with the community to incorporate new features and updates into the game, rather than concentrating on resolving issues and bugs that may come up when players test the game. This is an intriguing strategy because a lot of developers frequently pledge significant updates and changes to their games, but as the deadline draws near, studios frequently put off or completely neglect to deliver the features they had promised.

 [I’m still considering whether to keep the testing of future patches closed or open, my current idea is to have an open pre_release beta branch so that everyone who owns the game can check and test the most recent pre-release unstable version of the game and contribute if they want to. And keeping the main branch as the previous most stable version. Though let me know, maybe you’d prefer me to keep the unstable versions to a closed testing group?] 

Considering how well the game was received upon release, Manor Lords is expected to perform well overall. Make sure to give this game a try if it sounds like a good fit for you; we’ll be watching for any significant updates from the developer!

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