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How To Get Songflower Serenade Buff In WoW SoD Phase 3?


We’ll examine how to obtain Season of Discovery Phase 3’s potent Songflower Serenade buff.

Players are searching for ways to maximize their damage and parses when clearing the new Sunken Temple 20-man raid as Season of Discovery Phase 3 gets underway. Raiders must bring the consumables needed to increase their stats, but world buffs are also very important if your group is to defeat all of the bosses in the shortest amount of time.

Having said that, some players are new to MMORPGs, and Season of Discovery serves as an introduction for those who have never played World of Warcraft. To help you get the Songflower Serenade buff, which will boost you for your raids, we have put together this short and easy guide.

What Does WoW SoD’s Songflower Buff Mean?

In short, Songflower Serenade increases your character’s chance of receiving crits and gives you a 15-minute boost to all of your attributes. It’s also crucial to remember that you can chronoboon this buff by using a Chronoboon Displacer, which you can get from a Reagent Vendor in any major city.

How To Get Songflower Serenade Buff In WoW SoD Phase 3?

Once a short quest chain allowing you to harvest the flower when it respawns is completed, you interact with a Cleansed Songflower in Felwood to obtain this buff.

The Songflower Serenade Buff: How To Get It

To begin the quest chain, you must go to Felwood. You must talk to the following NPCs near the Emerald Sanctuary, depending on your faction:

  • Arathandris Silversky
  • Maybess Riverbreeze 

Killing the following Felwood mobs will drop 15x Blood Amber, which you must collect to complete this quest:

  • Dessecus
  • Warpwood Shredder
  • Warpwood Moss Flayer

You will receive the Cenarion Beacon after turning in the Blood Amber, which you must keep in your inventory in order to receive the buff again later (if you happen to lose it, just speak with the NPC that corresponds with your faction to get another one).

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The professions you have assigned to your character will then determine which quests you can accept. The following list contains every mission that can be completed, and it is open to both the Alliance and Horde factions:

  • Salve via Hunting
  • Salve via Mining
  • Salve via Gathering
  • Salve via Skinning
  • Salve via Disenchanting

How To Get Songflower Serenade Buff In WoW SoD Phase 3?

You will get two Cenarion Plant Salve, which can help transform a Corrupted Songflower into a Cleansed Songflower, after completing any of the specified quests. These are the places where you can find flowers, as they respawn after roughly 20 minutes.

Installing the Nova World Buffs addon will also enable you to see the locations of each flower and help you keep track of when each one respawns. That’s all the information you require to obtain an excellent buff that will aid you during raids.

Even though this buff is optional, it might be wise to use it because some raid encounters—especially those with the final bosses—can be quite the DPS test. Cheers to your success, Champions of Azeroth! I hope you bring home some incredible treasure from your exploits in Season of Discovery’s third phase!

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