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Infinite Grenades Glitch Helldivers 2


Let’s examine how to use a straightforward game exploit to obtain an endless supply of grenades.

There is a minor bug problem in Helldivers 2, but not the huge alien kind. Even though there are bugs that can make your game crash, prevent you from receiving the rewards you deserve, and do a ton of other things, we still play. Recently, a few gamers have discovered a bug that can be advantageous to you. You can fool the game into believing you have an infinite supply of grenades if you know what you’re doing.

Being an automaton or Terminid near this exploit is not something you want to do. It doesn’t matter which grenade you choose—you can cause havoc. This trick is compatible with all grenades, all missions, and all difficulties. Would you like to learn more?

How To Get Infinite Grenades In Helldivers 2

You don’t need to prepare too much for this glitch. It’s not necessary to bring a specific stratagem with you, but we advise bringing the Supply Pack in case you mess up while learning the trick. Select the mission of your choice and loadout as you would normally do.

Infinite Grenades Glitch Helldivers 2

Find a safe spot to land and, if you brought one with you, call in your Supply Pack. This is just in case you are unable to successfully use the exploit on your initial try. Deploy every grenade you have except for one. In order for this exploit to function, you must throw away your last grenade and instantly access your stratagem list by pressing L1 on the PS5 or Ctrl on the PC.

Helldivers 2 can be tricked into believing that you should be holding a grenade by repeatedly pressing the stratagems button. It’s possible that you won’t get it to work the first time, and you’ll notice that an empty hand appears where a grenade should be. You have the Supply Pack for this reason.

Repeat the process as often as necessary until you can hold a ready grenade in your hand. It will count against your grenade total when you throw it, leaving you with an endless supply. Without having to replenish, you will be able to observe the precise number of grenades you have detonated as the count decreases.

You will have to repeat the procedure if you die in Helldivers 2 while utilizing this glitch, but it is not difficult once you get the hang of it. You still have an endless supply of grenades and can swap out weapons as needed.

Infinite Grenades Glitch Helldivers 2

This glitch allows you to easily destroy entire enemy patrols without exerting much effort. As of right now, it appears that the Ministry of Truth is unaware of this exploit; therefore, enjoy yourself to the fullest before they take action. Even though this may not be the optimal way for us to play Helldivers 2, it’s still a lot of fun.

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A contentious grenade exploit in Helldivers 2 gives players access to an infinite supply of grenades, improving gameplay and lowering difficulties. But this might take away from the fairness and balance of the game.

Because developers haven’t yet addressed the exploit, players have a brief window of time to take advantage of it. It’s possible to play exactly as intended for those who want a more genuine experience. Still, Helldivers 2 offers a fun and lively gameplay experience for all players.

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