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Third International LoL Tournament: Hosted By Riot In 2025


Riot Games is reportedly planning a brand-new League of Legends international competition for 2025.

Riot Games is reportedly holding a brand-new international competition that will be comparable to the League of Legends World Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), according to a number of articles and reports.

Considering how well-liked and dominant League of Legends is in Esports, it makes sense that Riot would want to build on this success by creating a new global competition that teams from all over the world can compete in.

We’ll review what we currently know and consider how this might impact the major regions’ Regular Seasons, particularly the LPL and LCK Championships.

The Newest League Of Legends Competition In The World

A well-known Esports news source recently published an article outlining Riot Games’ potential to host a brand-new, significant international competition in 2025.

The existing LPL and LCK Spring and Summer Splits may be affected by this, as the regions prefer lengthier and more intense formats that enable teams to maximize their participation in the competitive Esports scene.

Third International LoL Tournament: Hosted By Riot In 2025

Riot Games may decide to alter the LPL and LCK regions to support a three-split format, akin to the current LEC, if they choose to host a third international tournament.

This new tournament can take place between the Winter and Spring Splits, since the Mid-Season Invitational takes place between the Spring and Summer Splits, and the World Championships take place following the Summer Split.

An official from Riot Games said that an update on the League of Legends Esports Schedule for 2025 should be given in June, since we still don’t have any solid information on whether these rumors are true.

It is hoped that League of Legends supporters will be able to support their teams during international competitions, as this will undoubtedly result in even more exciting series between the top teams.

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