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Kong Skull Island Ending: What Happens at The End of Godzilla vs. Kong?

Jordan Vogt-Roberts directs Kong: Skull Island, a 2017 American horror movie. It’s the second picture in Legendary’s MonsterVerse and the 11th in the King Kong series, and it’s a reboot of the original.

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson Jing Tian Toby Kebbell John Ortiz Corey Hawkins Jason Mitchell Shea Whigham Thomas Mann Terry Notary John C. Reilly Tom Hiddleston Samuel L. Jackson John Goodman Brie Larson The year is 1973, and the story takes place on the unknown Skull Island, where a group of scientists and soldiers returning from the Vietnam War meet Kong, a massive ape believed to be the last of his kind.

San Diego Comic-Con announced the picture in July 2014, and Vogt-Roberts was named director in September of that year. A shared cinematic universe starring Godzilla and Kong began at Universal Pictures as a genesis narrative but was subsequently relocated to Warner Bros. Beginning in Hawaii and Vietnam in October 2015, filming wrapped up in March 2016.


  • On the left, the actor’s name, and on the right, the character they portray.
  • Captain James Conrad was played by Tom Hiddleston.
  • Mason Weaver, played by Brie Larson,
  • Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard is played by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • William Randa, played by John Goodman
  • Lieutenant Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly) in the film
  • Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins)
  • San Lin, played by Jing Tian
  • Two actors playing Kong: Terry Notary and Toby Kebbell (motion capture and facial performance)
  • Major Jack Chapman is played by Toby Kebbell in the film.
  • Victor Nieves, portrayed by John Ortiz on screen
  • Warrant Officer Glenn Mills (Jason Mitchell)
  • Warrant Officer Reg Slivko (Thomas Mann) in the role
  • Captain Earl Cole is played by Shea Whigham.
  • Joe Reles, played by Eugene Cordero,
  • As Steve Woodward, Marc Evan Jackson
  • William “Willie” Connolly (Richard Jenkins)
  • Jerry is played by Thomas Middleditch
  • Will Brittain as Young Hank Marlow and Marlow’s Son
  • Gunpei Ikari as played by Miyavi

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What Happens at The End of Godzilla vs. Kong?

kong skull island ending

How does Kong do against Godzilla?

The Mosterverse film is designed like a three-round boxing match, and the “Vs.” in its name is taken very literally.

1st Round

First Godzilla vs. Kong fight takes place in the oceans of the world As part of an exhibition with Kong for the Apex Corporation, Nathan Lind is sent to the Hollow Earth, which he believes is Kong’s true home and where the Apex Corporation plans to do further research.

Godzilla, on the other hand, is not pleased with Kong’s intrusion into his domain. Godzilla rapidly defeats the enormous ape, despite the fact that the two appear to be evenly matched. A quick-thinking expedition saved Kong’s life when they turned off all their weaponry to fool Godzilla into thinking he had won the battle.

Godzilla defeated Kong in a one-on-one battle.

2nd Round

Kong will arm himself to the teeth for their upcoming duel in order to level the playing field. Once in the Hollow Earth, Kong discovers a throne carved from one of Godzilla’s scales, along with an ax.

Meanwhile, Godzilla is on the prowl with his nuclear breath, hunting Kong down from above the earth. Kong uses his new weapon to take the upper hand in their rematch. While King Kong emerges victorious from this battle, the people of Hong Kong suffer as Godzilla unleashes his atomic breath on the city.

a victory for Godzilla vs King Kong

3rd Round

As their previous confrontations have left them exhausted and injured, they are now more evenly matched for their third bout. In the end, Godzilla defeats Kong until he is on the verge of death. To seal his victory, he stomps on Kong’s chest.

Godzilla 2 defeated Kong 1. In the end, Godzilla triumphed.

Apex, not content to let the monsters fight it out amongst themselves, builds Mechagodzilla, a robot counterpart of the huge reptile. Ghidorah’s neural network powers him, but this robot has taken on a life of its own and goes on a rampage against its creators before facing up against Godzilla.


kong skull island ending

Both Hank Marlow and Gunpei Ikari, American and Japanese fighter pilots in World War II, parachute onto an island in the South Pacific after an intense duel in 1944 The struggle between Ikari and Kong is interrupted by a gigantic ape known as Kong, who takes the upper hand in close combat.

A mission to explore the mysterious Skull Island takes place 29 years later, in 1973 when US government agent Bill Randa enlists the help of British Air Service Captain James Conrad, a superb tracker. Colonel Preston Packard and his subordinates Major Jack Chapman and Captain Earl Cole lead the Sky Devils, a Vietnam War-era chopper squadron.

Later, Mason Weaver joins the gang, believing the mission to be a covert military operation. At Skull Island, Packard and his men begin exploring the island in order to get an accurate map of it. Despite this, the air unit is assaulted by Kong, who kills many soldiers and scatters the rest around the island.

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