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Russian Diplomat Quits: A Russian Diplomat to The U.N. Quits, Saying He Is Ashamed of His Country!

An ex-Russian diplomat has resigned due to the conflict in Ukraine, saying that he is “ashamed” of his nation.

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Russian diplomat at the UN office in Geneva resigned and wrote an embarrassing resignation letter.

Boris Bondarev wrote a letter to the Associated Press confirming his resignation after an official passed along his remarks.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 was the most shameful day of my career as a diplomat,” he wrote, referring to the date of Russia’s incursion into the country.

After deployments in Cambodia and Mongolia, Russian diplomat Sergei Bondarev announced his retirement to Ambassador Gennady Gatilov over the phone, saying he handed in his letter of resignation to him. When it comes to diplomacy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is no longer relevant. According to him, “It’s all about conflict, lies and hatred.”

In addition, he stated that he had no intention of departing Geneva.

Vladimir Putin’s regime has been cracking down on dissension in the diplomatic corps, and this departure is a rare public acknowledgment of dismay about Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“What my government is doing now is untenable,” Mr. Bondarev told the Associated Press. To which the answer is: “I don’t want to carry that burden as a civil worker.”

Russian officials have not responded, but Mr. Bondarev said: “Am I worried about the likely retaliation from Moscow? “, It’s something I need to keep an eye on.

When asked if his coworkers felt the same way, he responded, “Not all Russian diplomats are warmongers. However, they must keep their lips shut because they are rational.”

As an example, he proposed that his own situation could serve as a model.

People who might be interested in following his lead would be discouraged if he were to be prosecuted.

“The only thing the people who started this war want is to remain in power forever, live in pompous, tasteless palaces, and sail on yachts comparable in size and cost to the entire Russian navy, enjoying unlimited powers and complete impunity,” Bondarev wrote in an English-language statement that he said he sent out to about 40 diplomats and others.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was singled out for criticism. He described Lavrov as “a competent and educated thinker who continuously broadcasts inconsistent claims and threatens the world (and Russia) with nuclear weapons.”

Boris Bondarev has been hailed as a hero by Hillel Neuer, executive director of the advocacy group UN Watch.

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Over the Ukraine Conflict, a Russian Official Has Resigned from The Russian Foreign Ministry.

russian diplomat quits

Protesting Vladimir Putin’s “bloody, witless” attack on Ukraine, a Russian envoy resigned from his post.

Boris Bondarev, a former employee of the Russian mission to the United Nations in Geneva, told the BBC that he was aware that his decision to come out could be seen as a betrayal by the Kremlin.

His assertion that the war was “a crime against the Ukrainian people” as well as “the people of Russia,” he stood by.

Not a word from the Kremlin as of yet!

A special military operation” is all Russia refers to as it cracks down on individuals who question or deviate from the official narrative of the conflict.

“I can no longer participate in this brutal, witless and completely senseless ignominy,” Mr Bondarev wrote in a letter posted on social media and shared with fellow diplomats.

“Those who conceived of this conflict only want one thing – to remain in power forever,” he stated in his manifesto.

In order to accomplish this goal, he said, “they are ready to sacrifice as many lives as it takes.” There have already been a large number of Russian and Ukrainian casualties as a result of this.

Even Russia’s Foreign Ministry is accused of being more concerned with “lies and hatred” than diplomacy in the letter, which was written by his former boss.

A Russian Diplomat in Geneva Resigns Over Ukraine Incursion, Calling It “war Mongering, Falsehoods, and Hatred.”.

russian diplomat quits

Protesting against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an experienced diplomat in Geneva has resigned from the Russian foreign policy establishment.

“Never have I felt so embarrassed of my nation,” Boris Bondarev, a counselor at the Russian permanent mission to the United Nations in Geneva, wrote in a public statement.

Moscow’s closed for business.
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Russia’s foreign ministry is no longer about diplomacy, a 20-year senior diplomat stated in an email to the newspaper. “Warmongering, deceit, and hatred are at the heart of it all. Thus, it contributes to the increased isolation of my country while benefiting a very small group of people. No one but Russia is to responsible for Russia’s loss of allies and ill-conceived policy.”

Since 2002, Bondarev has been employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a career diplomat. As Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, he has worked for nearly a decade on nuclear non-proliferation issues.

Despite the deterioration of ties with the West, he added, he remained in his role as a diplomat because he believed there was “someplace for diplomacy, some room to go back to normal in some way”.

Because of what transpired on February 24, there is no turning back; there is no going back to where we were before. Of course, today we can see that there will be no negotiations; it will be a full-scale war.”

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