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10 Best Vanessa Hudgens Movies: Is She Married to Zac Efron?

Vanessa Hudgens was first featured in the American sitcom ‘Still Standing’ in the episode “Still Rocking” in 2002. The following year, she made her big-screen debut in Catherine Hardwicke’s teen drama picture ‘Thirteen.

‘Thirteen’ was well-received by critics and financial success, despite its depiction of juvenile drug usage causing considerable controversy. She starred in the American musical film ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ in 2008 as ‘Gabriella Montez.

One of the trendiest celebrity couples of the 2000s was Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. They starred as love interests in the High School Musical film series and went on to date in real life. Hudgens and Efron split up a long time ago, but Hudgens recently discussed their romance.

High School Musical 3′ was the third installment in the ‘High School Musical series. While the film received negative reviews from critics, it was a huge box office hit, collecting more than $252.9 million on an $11 million budget.

The American romantic fantasy drama film ‘Beastly,’ directed by Daniel Barnz, was released in 2011. When the film was released, critics panned it, calling it “fundamentally misguided and poorly written.” ‘Beastly’ was a moderate box office hit.

10) Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Hudgens plays Kailani, a Palauan adolescent who owns a helicopter tour guide business with her father in the 2012 film Journey 2.

They meet Sean (Josh Hutcherson), an ecstatic adolescent on the lookout for a mythical island where he can locate his grandfather, and Hank (Johnson), Sean’s stepfather, who is just there to prove the island doesn’t exist.10 best vanessa hudgens movies

Sabato, who needs money to send Kailani to college, agrees to drive the group to the island’s coordinates. However, the four face an unexpected issue when they crash-land on the island after being caught in a typhoon.

Critics gave the picture mixed reviews (since its target demographic is most likely teenagers), although numerous applauded the performances and drama, and even the campy visual effects were praised.

9) High School Musical

This made-for-TV film follows Troy (Zac Efron), a basketball star, and Gabriella (Hudgens), a gifted scholar, as they audition to sing together in the school musical after discovering each other’s singing abilities during a fortuitous meeting at a ski lodge.

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The jock/academic pairing divides and rivals the school in a Romeo-and-Juliet-style fashion, and Troy and Gabriella must also cope with Sharpay, a jealous theatre superstar who wants Gabriella’s spot – all while keeping their prior obligations to other school activities.

This top-notch D-COM, which has become a cultural phenomenon, easily deserves to be counted among Hudgens’ best roles.

8) The Frozen Ground

Hudgens plays a teenage prostitute who tells the police her account of narrowly escaping an encounter with serial killer Robert Hansen in this 2013 crime drama based on true events.

She pairs up with state trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicholas Cage), the man who saved her from Hansen, to catch him after the officers become doubtful. However, Hansen, a respected member of the community, is willing to go to any length to avoid being detected.

The Frozen Ground was well received by critics and spectators alike, with Cage and Hudgens receiving plaudits for their performances.

7) High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Senior Year is the only film in the High School Musical franchise to be released theatrically, and it follows the ensemble stars from the previous two films as they struggle with the impending separation that will occur when they leave high school for college.

The gang chooses to confront their fears by putting on their final East High musical together, a big production that explores their future perspectives. The film was a box office smash and was praised by fans and spectators.10 best vanessa hudgens movies

6) Dog Days

This 2018 rom-com follows five Los Angeles citizens and their canine companions as they traverse their own personal experiences while ignorant of the interrelated nature of each.

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Tara (Hudgens) is a vivacious and inventive barista who is smitten with Dr. Mike, a buff veterinarian, while Garrett (Jon Bass), a quiet animal care specialist and dog rescue owner who has a love for her but can’t seem to admit them, is left out in the cold.

The film garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the plot’s final resolve as well as the five leads’ acting talents.

5) Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is a 2012 crime thriller about a group of college girls (Faith, Brit, Cotty, and Candy) who learn about the deadly world of drug dealing while on spring break in Florida, thanks to Alien, a daring and suave local drug dealer (James Franco).

This leads to a series of drug-fueled misadventures, culminating with Brit (Ashley Benson) and Candy (Hudgens’ party-girl role) confronting the leader of a rival gang in an exciting concluding scene.

The film’s themes and the plot got good reviews from critics, and it has since become a cult favorite among Hudgens fans and crime cinema aficionados alike.

4) The Knight Before Christmas

Brooke (Hudgens), a science teacher, is on the lookout for her “knight in shining armor,” never thinking that the champion male she desires is indeed a knight.

But when she encounters Sir Cole, a 14th-century knight transported through time, he charms her with his good looks and at-your-service charm.

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With its delightful, if conventional, characters and ambiance, this sweet, if formulaic, rom-com has already become one of the most popular Christmas specials of the year, despite some critics’ dislike for its one-note storyline.

3) The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens’ first Netflix Christmas film, this 2018 comedy follows a premise that isn’t very “Christmassy”: the old “prince and the pauper” stereotype.

Stacey and Margaret switch places for a while to try out each other’s lives: Stacey grows to love living in a palace with Margaret’s fiancee, Prince Edward; Margaret, on the other hand, enjoys her taste of normalcy and falls in love with Stacey’s best friend Kevin.10 best vanessa hudgens movies

The film’s pleasant, wintery aura was as refreshing to audiences as a mug of hot cocoa. From meeting a sage-like elderly stocking seller to competing in a baking championship to attending a Christmas wedding at the film’s conclusion.

2) High School Musical 2

Troy accepts a job at Lava Springs, a country club owned by Sharpay’s (wealthy) family, in the middle of the High School Musical franchise, partly due to his growing fears about being able to pay for college.

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High School Musical 2 was an even bigger smash than its predecessor, breaking D-COM audience records and becoming one of Hudgens’ most critically acclaimed films, with an astounding 82 percent approval rating.

1) Bandslam

Vanessa Hudgens excels greatest in films that display her musical soul, and Bandslam does a fantastic job in this regard. The film features a ragtag band of misfits (including Hudgens’ character, hyperactive guitarist Sa5m) who are led by Charlotte.

A skilled musician who wants to take her ragtag band to Bandslam, an annual battle of the bands in which her ex-boyfriend will also be competing. The film got praise for avoiding the tropes that plague many teen films, as well as the cast and performances.

It’s a great way for a new fan to get a taste of Hudgens’ work, and it’s a great complement to the considerably more popular High School Musical franchise.

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