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Mortel Season 2: Synopsis, Cast and Everything You Need to Know!

Mortel is a French supernatural television series that translates as “Deadly” or “Mortal.” After making a pact with a supernatural being in order to investigate a murder, two teenagers obtain superpowers. On the 21st of November, 2019, the series debuted on Netflix. On July 2, 2021, the second season premiered.


The apparent murder of Sofiane’s brother Reda leads Sofiane and Victor to strike a bargain with the voodoo god Obé. Obé gives Sofiane the ability to influence other people’s behaviour, while Victor gains access to other people’s thoughts. Both, however, must be in close proximity for their powers to be activated.

To free themselves from Obé’s control and exile him from the earth, they solicit the help of Luisa, who practises voodoo with her grandmother.

Characters in the cast

  • Sofa Kada, played by Carl Malapa
  • It’s Victor Wanderwelt, played by Némo Schiffman
  • Luisa Manjimbe was played by Manon Bresch.
  • Obé, played by Corentin Fila
  • As Reda Kada, the younger brother of Sofiane Kada, Sami Outabali portrays him in the film
  • The character of Elizabeth, the grandmother of Luisa, was played by Firmine Richard.
  • Audrey Jourdant (Anais Thomas)
  • Celine Wanderwelt by Raphalle Agogué
  • Bastien Duponchel is played by Marvin Dubart.
  • Melanie is played by Léa Léviant
  • Nora Cissoko, played by Assa Sylla
  • In the role of Herve, Stéphane Brel
  • As Ousmane Blanchard, Daouda Keita takes on the role.

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This Is how Mortel Season 2 Episode 6 Comes to A Conclusion

Mortel Season 2 Gets its Official Trailer - Our Culture

Victor, Sofiane, and Luisa celebrate Sofiane’s success with weed and beer. In response to Victor’s inquiry, Luisa demonstrates what it’s like to wield the Power by drawing blood on both of their eyes.

They are awestruck and begin to see the world in a new light. It occurs to Victor and he inquires as to whether this is normal. There’s a tree stump where she claims it isn’t, so they investigate. Audrey’s remains were interred here.

In order to test his abilities, Victor informs the others that they can hear a baby wailing beneath them. Is this a hint for season 3? It certainly appears so. What does this mean for Sofiane and his friends? We can only infer that the baby is the product of Audrey and Obé’s union.

It is possible that they will have to raise the baby in the hope that it will not be drawn to wickedness. It’s possible that the infant is Obé, who was killed and reborn.

With all that has been built up in season one finally coming to an end, the season finale is a fitting conclusion.

Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa celebrate Sofiane’s passing of her exam with weed and beer at the end of Season 2 of Mortel. With the Power, Luisa demonstrates Victor and the others how it feels to be able to see and hear.

As a result, they see the world in a completely new way. Victor asks Luisa if this is normal after noticing that all the light is pointing in the same direction. They search for the source under a tree trunk after she says no. Audrey’s remains were interred here.

They hear a baby sobbing underneath them when Victor tests his hearing abilities. What will this entail for Sofiane and her pals if the baby is the child of Audrey and Obé? When the sequel is released, we’ll learn much more!


One among the best in class

Inseparable from You

Hard to Get Out of 3

4) The Marriage of Obé

5 Qumran

6 Aprézan nou lyanné

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