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A You Tuber Has Created a Genuinely Cursed Fortnite Version of The Among Us Crewmates!

When it comes to absurdity, Fortnite sets the bar quite high. You can play as characters such as Rick Sanchez, Naruto, Darth Vader, and even two separate Tom Hollands (Spider-Man and Uncharted) while you battle in a 100-player battle royale arena.

Even yet, YouTuber Ryan, who goes by the handle “12th Hour,” manages to make the game’s strange environment even more bizarre and creepy with his recordings of “custom-made” events.

The most recent video he posted was a parody of the viral smash mafia game, Among Us, which adds enormous crewmates to the world of Fortnite.

It begins with a Fortnite character relaxing in Reality Falls’ purple-leaf forest while a big, red crewmate lurks in the background. Approaching the player character is a gigantic creature.

An Emergency Meeting table from Among Us is seen, which is covered with a Fortnite map, and the screen fades to black. In the next paragraphs, I will not reveal what occurs next, but it is suspenseful. You can watch the entire video here.

In order to create these bespoke events, a complex procedure of recording and editing footage employing visual effects must be completed. To begin, Ryan records gameplay footage that will serve as the foundation for his video.

In order to make it appear as though the Among Us character is genuinely in the game, he uses 3D motion tracking. In Blender, he creates an animation of a crewmate and then adds extra effects. It took about three days to complete the Among Us video from beginning to end.

YouTuber designs cursed, massive Fortnite versions of Among Us crewmates

Ryan started off making Fortnite montage films before moving on to making videos showcasing his own unique gameplay.. As a result of the success of his debut video, “I Made Fortnite R-rated,” he wanted to continue making similar content.

A collaboration between Fortnite’s Among Us and the popular video game was the inspiration for this larger event, which took place after the game’s release.

According to Polygon, “I knew it would also be a delight to make. I mean a gigantic among us character in Fortnite, what doesn’t sound fun?”

It’s all about having fun and creating material for him. What he enjoys most about creating these events is the opportunity for “creative expression”, “fun”, and “learning” while doing what he enjoys.

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