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Dolph Lundgren Net Worth: How Did He Meet Emma Krokdal?

Hans Lundgren, well known by his stage as Dolph Lundgren, was born in Spnga, Sweden, on November 3, 1957. Hans was reared with two sisters in a Lutheran home alongside parents who had backgrounds in education, business, and engineering.

He took to calling himself “Dolph,” which is short for “Rudolph,” right away. Lundgren has acknowledged that his father mistreated him verbally and physically, adding that this mistreatment motivated him to become an accomplished martial artist.

Additionally, he put a lot of effort into his studies and earned straight As in high school. Then, at the suggestion of his father, he relocated to America in order to pursue better possibilities.

Hans studied chemical engineering at Washington State University and Clemson University after receiving scholarships to a number of universities. Dolph had to go back to Sweden, nevertheless, to finish his year of required military service.

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Before winning an Australian karate heavyweight competition in 1982, Lundgren won the European Karate Championships in 1980 and 1981. He attended the University of Sydney that year and graduated with a master’s in chemical engineering.

Lundgren met singer and model Grace Jones when on the eve of enrolling at MIT to finish his Ph.D. She recruited him as her bodyguard after they started dating. Lundgren relocated with her to New York City as their love deepened and he began taking acting classes there.

They are thought to have met in the gym in 2019 and began dating. In January 2020, they made their relationship known to the world at the Cana Dorada Film & Music Festival in the Dominican Republic.


Lundgren’s debut performance was as Venz, a KGB goon, in the James Bond movie A View to Kill. Lundgren found the experience to be fruitful, and he made the decision to give up chemical engineering in favor of a career in acting.

Despite lacking any professional training, Lundgren got in touch with Sylvester Stallone through a common acquaintance, and as a result, he was hired to play the iconic antagonist Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

Despite having a strong start, Lundgren’s subsequent movies—Masters of the Universe, The Punisher, and Red Scorpion—would turn out to be box office and critical duds. I Come in Peace performed better, showcasing Lundgren’s versatility and potential. dolph lundgren net worth

Cover Up and Showdown in Little Tokyo, the latter of which won Lundgren high accolades from critics, represented further advancement. When Lundgren co-starred with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier in 1992, he made a significant advancement.

Although the movie did quite well domestically, it turned out to be a tremendous overseas hit with $102 million in box office receipts on a $23 million budget.

Following up with movies like Joshua Tree and Pentathlon, Lundgren won accolades for his portrayal in Men of War in 1994. Lundgren’s rather surprising involvement in the misguided 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic turned out to be his final significant role in a cinema release for a period of 15 years.

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This choice ultimately hampered Lundgren’s career because the majority of the movies garnered terrible reviews from critics. Icarus, an action movie made in Canada and released in select theatres in the US, marked his comeback to the big screen.

Lundgren returned to straight-to-DVD movies, which were ultimately a failure. The Expendables marked the start of a sort of comeback for the seasoned performer, though, and in 2018, he starred in Creed II, a Rocky series sequel.

Training and Diet

Since playing Drago in the mid-1980s, Lundgren has been widely linked to bodybuilding and fitness, despite the fact that he has never competed as a professional bodybuilder.

According to “Lundgren, who appears to be in his 30s rather than his 50s, is the model for perfect nutrition, supplementation, and workout application, all of which he has been doing for more than 35 years. dolph lundgren net worth

He claimed to train up to six days a week during an interview with them, frequently finishing one-hour workouts in the morning because “it’s just one hour a day, and then you can enjoy the other 23 hours.”

He claims that co-star Sylvester Stallone was the one who got him into serious bodybuilding for a while in the 1980s after he moved to the U.S., even though he had started lifting weights as a youngster.

Stallone had a long-lasting impact on his diet and exercise routine, ensuring that he consumed a lot more protein and divided his daily calorie intake into five or six smaller meals.

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According to Lundgren, he never claimed to be “super powerful.” “My arms are too long, and I’m too tall. I recall back then using a bench and squatting with about 300 pounds.

Personal Life

Lundgren divides his time between Los Angeles and Stockholm. He is not as multilingual as is frequently claimed; he is fluent in English, Swedish, and lesser extent in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

He loves football a lot. When he was a resident of Europe, he was an Everton F.C. fan, but after relocating to Los Angeles, he became more interested in international football competitions.

Lundgren dated American model Paula Barbieri and Jamaican singer Grace Jones in the 1980s. Grace Jones discovered Lundgren in a dance club and employed him as a bodyguard while he was finishing his master’s degree in chemical engineering.

Lundgren was spirited away to America, where he finished his last thesis. He wed jewelry designer and fashion stylist Anette Qviberg in Marbella in 1994.

The couple found Marbella to be so appealing that they spent years renting there before deciding to buy a house for their family. Ida Sigrid Lundgren and Greta Eveline Lundgren, their two daughters, were both born in Stockholm. dolph lundgren net worth

Real Estate

For $3.9 million, Dolph Lundgren bought a contemporary home in Hollywood Hills in 2018. The house was constructed in 2009, and the architects ingeniously fit 5,230 square feet of the living area onto a 5,091 square foot plot of land.

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This property checks all the appropriate boxes for a celebrity like Lundgren thanks to a tiny but stylish pool. In order to profit on his real estate investment, Dolph Lundgren advertised this Hollywood Hills property for $4.5 million in 2020.

T. D. Lundgren Net Worth

Swedish actor, director, and martial artist Dolph Lundgren has an estimated net worth of $18 million. In the 1980s and 1990s, Dolph Lundgren rocketed to fame and became one of the most well-known action heroes in the world.

Lundgren established himself as a versatile performer who could play the villain or the hero with equal ease.

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