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Planning a Date Night? Watch These Romantic Comedies With Your Partner

Since you have clicked on this article, there is a pretty good chance that you are trying to plan a perfect date night for your partner. But hey, even if this is not the case and you are in the single gang (just like us), then do keep reading because there are some really exciting titles coming up. Also, who said you cannot celebrate Valentine’s in June? Hallmark definitely didn’t. And we are all about spreading the love with our top picks.

However, before we jump right into the list, how do you plan to stream these movies?

Don’t tell us that you are settling for that poor internet connection you have been using for months. Imagine putting on an incredibly cute movie and watching it with your partner, and just when the couple on screen is about to confront their hidden feelings for each other, BAM! your internet begins acting up, the video starts buffering and it ends up ruining the whole mood.

Now, imagine how it would have panned out if you had a reliable, stable, and superfast internet connection. From where can we get such a connection, you might ask? Well, you can trust Spectrum in providing you excellent web experience and that too with unlimited data allowance, so you don’t have to go through sluggish and lazy connectivity. This is the kind of internet you want while planning an ideal date night with your partner.

With that being said, we are sure that now you know how essential a good internet is, let’s move forward and take a deep dive into one of the best rom-com movies of all times.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

It is not a date night if you don’t include this rom-com in your to-watch list. The movie is way too good to just ignore. After all, it introduces us to the charm of Heath Ledger, which we might add, was truly irresistible. And of course, Julia Stiles stole the show with her fantastic performance.

10 Things I Hate About You gives us the taste of American high school. Cameron cannot date his crush Bianca because there is a rule in the Stratford house; Bianca is not allowed to date until her older sister Kat has a boyfriend. Now, the thing is, Kat, DOES NOT want a boyfriend (yes, in the capitals). But Cameron pays our mystery boy Patrick to charm Kat so that he can finally date Bianca.

Favorite Quote: “But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal swoon us with this masterpiece that has us aww-ing our way throughout the movie. Who can even forget the “I want what she’s having” scene? The movie gave us one of the most amazing performances in rom-com history.

Can a guy and girl truly be friends only? This is the topic When Harry Met Sally explores. The two titular characters meet each other co-incidentally, which ends up forming a short-term friendship between them. However, five years later, the two are brought back together by some fate, and this time, they are forced to confront their feelings for each other.

Favorite Quote: “No man can be friends with a woman he finds attractive.”

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Okay, maybe this is not the all-lovey-dovey kind of movie that you expect to see on this list, but it does make you realize how important relationships are and how important it is to value those relationships at the right time. This indie rom-com can make you cry, and laugh and you might also start to think that date at Ikea is actually not really a bad idea.

(500) Days of Summer follows the life of Tom who is madly and hopelessly in love with Summer. On the other hand, Summer does not believe in relationships and she does not like to entertain the idea of having a boyfriend. Tom seems to think that he could spend the rest of his life with her. But does he end up making his dream come true, or has his heart broken in return? Watch this movie to find out.

Favorite Quote: “Some people are meant to fall in love with each other. But, not meant to be together.”

About Time (2013)

About Time may not be the Rachel McAdams rom-com that you expected to see on this list, but trust us, it is the one that you deserve because frankly speaking, the movie is purely magical and oh-so-captivating that you and your partner are going to enjoy every single moment of it.

The film follows Tim Lake who finds out that he travels back in time, just like the other men in his family. So, he uses this ability to pursue the girl he falls in love with – Mary – while following the advice of his father. Watch this beautiful, amazing, romantic, and adorable film with your partner and experience the magic of falling in love once again.

Favorite Quote: “Some days you want to relive forever.”

To Sum Up

Planning a perfect date night requires a lot of thinking. You want things to go as smoothly as you want and while you are trying to string together every detail of the entire night, we couldn’t leave you alone in doing it. This is why we took the matter into our own hands and gave you one of the best rom-com you should watch with your partner. Now, you don’t have to go look for all the rom-coms and narrow it down for your list. Simply check out the titles mentioned in this article and let them spread love in the air.

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