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Better Discord Themes: What Is It and How to Use It Easily (2022)!

One of the most popular platforms for gamers and other online communities is Discord. Through a private server, it enables many forms of user communication.

Discord is fantastic in every way except for the fact that it cannot be customized. A Discord server’s appearance can be changed with the use of themes.

Unfortunately, you cannot install themes or configure your Discord server through Discord itself.

Fortunately, installing themes on Discord can be done using a workaround. So without spending too much time, let’s get to the point:

How to Install Discord on Windows or Mac?

Better Discord Themes

It’s really simple to install Discord on a Windows or Mac computer. Simply download the setup file from Discord’s official website to get started.

Once the setup file has been downloaded, run it by double clicking on it. Following all of the instructions will result in the installation of Discord on your Windows or Mac computer.

You’ll need to login in using your Discord account after installing the app. You could also open a fresh Discord account.

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Can I Install Discord Themes?

Themes for Discord can be installed, yes. Discord does not, however, provide you with a menu from which you can choose your desired theme.

It does, however, allow you to switch between white and dark themes.

You must install third-party tools like better discord on your Discord server in order to install Discord themes. Let me just discuss briefly better discord in order to help you understand better.

What Is Betterdiscord and How to Install It?

Better Discord Themes

One of the well-known Discord add-ons out there is BetterDiscord. You will be able to add plugins and themes to your Discord server with the aid of this extension.

However, you should be aware that BetterDiscord violates Discord’s terms of service since, as noted on the Discord support site, it can lead to security difficulties.

However, you must download BandagedBD if you decide to take the chance and move forward. An offshoot of the original BetterDiscord is called BandagedBD.

Additionally, installing it on a Windows or Mac computer is simple.

Visit BandagedBD’s Github download page to choose between the Windows or Mac version that you want to download.

Run the setup after downloading it, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Immediately after installing bandagedBD, Discord will launch. Do launch it manually if it doesn’t.

Additionally, check the improved Discord not functioning instructions if it freezes during the loading process.

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How to Install Discord Themes?

Better Discord Themes

How can I install better Discord themes is now the question. You must first download Discord themes before you can install any theme.

To do this, go to, where you may find a large selection of themes and plugins for BD servers.

Simply visit the website, select the theme(s) you want to use, and download them to your computer.

Now that you have your theme with you, let’s talk about how to install themes on discord.

For This, Do Follow These Steps:

1. At first, launch Discord and go to settings.

2. Then from the sidebar, look for BANDAGED BD and then click on Themes.

3. Next click on the “Open Themes Folder” option and it will open up a new Window.

4. Now, in this theme folder you will need to paste the theme file that you have downloaded from BetterDiscordLibrary.

5. Once you have added the theme file, go back to Discord > Settings > Themes. And over here, you will get to see the theme.

6. Finally, toggle on the theme that you would like to apply and it will change the look of your Discord Server.

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