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How Can I Sync an iPhone with Two Computers?

Ever-evolving technological advancements necessitate ongoing rethinking. In the same way, the connection between iPhones and PCs is like any other.

It wasn’t too long ago that your father was the only person to ever serenade you with “Happy Birthday” over the phone or that there was only one computer for every 2.5 families.

Nowadays, you most likely have a desktop computer at home, a laptop at work, and perhaps a portable computer as well.

Maybe you and your family all have iPhones, but you all use the same computer. Apple no longer enforces a strict “one iPhone, one computer” restriction.

Here’s how to utilize two or more iPhones with a single computer, or two or more PCs with two or more iPhones.

How to Sync One iPhone with Multiple Computers?

How Can I Sync an iPhone with Two Computers?

The truth is that many aspects of our lives intersect with one another. The contacts on your iPhone and iPad should mirror those on your desktop and laptop computers, and you should be able to update any of these devices and have the changes reflect on the others.

An OTA over-the-air synchronization and storage provider, like iCloud, is the easiest option.

If you use the same iCloud account on each of your gadgets, your data will always be up to date.

How to Sync One Computer with Multiple iPhones?

How Can I Sync an iPhone with Two Computers?

You have one shared computer and everyone in the family has an iPhone. Multiple iPhones can be synced with the same PC. The system uses the device’s unique name to identify it.

Each iPhone on a Mac can have its own sync preferences, but on Windows, they must all be the same.

Since every iPhone requires its own Apple ID, each user must have their own individual Apple account.

Both of you undoubtedly want to transfer media from your iPhones to one another.

The preferred and most suggested approach is to create individual user accounts on the Mac or Windows computer for each user, giving each user access to his or her own collection of iTunes media and iCloud data, which can then be synced with the user’s iPhone.

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You Can Sync Different Sets of Media by Setting up A Different Tunes Library for Each Family Member:

1. Hold down the option key Mac or the shift key Windows and open iTunes. A dialog gives you the options of creating a new library or choosing which you want to open.

2. Select Create Library.

3. Type in a name and location for the library.

4. Whenever you start up iTunes, hold down the Option Mac or Shift Windows key to open your personal library.

5. Sync your iPhone with your library.

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Sync iPhone To A Computer Using iTunes

How Can I Sync an iPhone with Two Computers?

Synchronizing an iPhone with a computer is primarily accomplished through iTunes. The steps we’ll outline below are universal, meaning they’ll work for Macs running any version of macOS prior to Mojave.

If you’re using a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, you’ll need to follow a slightly different procedure to sync your iPhone with it.

If you aren’t already using the most recent version of iTunes, download and install it now.

It is downloadable via the App Store or the Microsoft Store, respectively.

In a similar vein, always use the most recent version of software on your computer.

You can use either a USB cable or a wireless network connection to sync with iTunes. What follows is a discussion of both of these topics.

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