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Severance Ending Explained: What Does Mark Learn About His Wife?

Christopher Smith wrote and directed the British-German comedic horror film Severance in 2006.

This film, starring Danny Dyer and Laura Harris, was written in collaboration with James Moran.

Work colleagues from Britain and Canada are brutally murdered by poachers in this Hungarian film set in a forested mountain region.

Reviews on the severity of the punishment were overwhelmingly favorable.

The alleged copycat murder of a British teenager in 2009 sparked renewed attention in the film among the media.

Plot Summary

Severance Ending Explained

In the opening scene, George is shown running with two women through the woods. The women are entangled in a massive pit trap, while George gets ensnared by a snare.

A masked poacher walks up to him as he hangs helplessly and cuts him open with a knife.

The European Sales department of the Palisade Defence military arms firm has been on a bus to a lodge in the Mátra Mountains of Hungary for a team-building weekend for a few days prior to this.

After an altercation, the bus driver refuses to detour along a dirt road through the woods and drives off, forcing the group to walk the last mile to the lodge.

As it turns out, the lodge is somewhat rundown and ancient, but the manager, Richard, manages to talk them into staying there nevertheless.

They open it up and find a filing cabinet stuffed with mysterious Russian-language Palisade documents.

In response, Harris shares a tale he’d heard about the lodge: it had been a mental institution in the early 20th century, and the prisoners had taken over, so a nerve gas developed in Palisade was used to clear it out.

Jill explains the rumor she’d heard in response: the lodge had been a “reeducation facility” for Russian war criminals and poachers, and following a breakout, Palisade-made nerve gas had been used to clear the neighboring buildings of the fugitives.

Both mention a lone survivor who swore retribution on Palisade. When Steve discovers a human tooth in the pork pie they are eating for supper, he begins to weave his own story about the lodge’s history as a clinic staffed by horny nurses.

Gordon is reprimanded for serving a pie he found in the fridge, and the group retires for the night.

That night Jill notices someone peeking into the lodge from the trees. Even though no one can be discovered outside, everyone save Richard believes that they need to get out of the lodge.

The following morning, Richard resentfully instructs Harris and Jill to summon the bus driver from the peak of the hill. When they finally reach the top of the hill, the two discover that the bus driver has been killed in a nearby creek.

Gordon walks into a bear trap at the lodge. Gordon’s left leg is severed just below the knee as Steve and Billy unsuccessfully try to break apart the trap.

After loading everyone into the bus, Harris, and Jill return to town. A bus crashes because a spike strip was thrown in front of it on the way.

Harris is thrown off the bus during the collision and is later beheaded by a masked poacher wielding a machete.

Severance Ending Explained

Jill is abducted, gagged, doused with gasoline, and burned to death while tied to a tree. After the remainder of the group finds Harris’s dead body, they decide to head back to the lodge for the night.

Gordon later gets captured. The four of them find a door that has just been opened and go down into the basement, where they end themselves in a sort of underground prison.

They enter one room to find a shotgun-wielding poacher and the dead body of Gordon, who has the Palisade emblem cut into his chest. Billy is taken to an adjacent cell, where he later dies of a chest wound.

Richard escapes out the back into the woods. Maggie loses her footing and falls through the floor while attempting to kill the poacher.

Maggie is about to be shot when the poacher suddenly turns around, but Steve is there to protect her by murdering him. Maggie grabs the shotgun and fires a round through his skull.

Maggie and Steve leave the resort, thinking they are safe, only to be ambushed by a group of armed Russian-speaking poachers.

When they reach the woods, they find Richard, who has stepped on a land mine made by the Palisade and is unable to move without setting off the explosive.

Maggie and Steve are safe after being led through the minefield by Richard. Meanwhile, the poachers cross the minefield on a fallen branch, insulting and stoning Richard the whole way.

Richard, realizing that he cannot save anyone else, jumps off the mine, killing himself and two of the poachers.

When Steve and Maggie visit the genuine Palisade resort, they go to a different building.

They go in and find their boss, George, partying with the two escorts Steve had previously recruited.

George fires a prototype missile launcher at the oncoming poachers, but the missile instead focuses on and destroys a passing commercial airliner.

The events depicted at the film’s opening take place after the five escape into the forest.

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Ending Explained

Severance Ending Explained

Mark’s Innie awakens outside of Lumon in the eighth episode and tries to explain his predicament to his sister.

Mark and Devon had a peaceful moment together after overcoming many challenges. But Mark is more interested in his Outie’s background and his choice to undergo Severance than he is in talking about Lumon.

Sometime later, Mark lets Devon in on the fact that he’s uncovered some suspicious activity at Lumon and needs her assistance in uncovering the plot.

When Devon discovers that Mrs. Selvig is Mark’s supervisor, the chat between the siblings is abruptly ended.

Now that she’s given the kid to Mrs. Selvig, Devon is panicking since she has no idea what will happen to the child.

Mark discovers a photo of his wedding to Gemma while looking for the kid. When Mark sees Gemma, he knows she is Ms. Casey and that she is still alive.

Meanwhile, Mr. Milchick has heard about what the Innies have been up to and has made his way to the security room in an attempt to stop Dylan.

Mark rushes to tell Devon the truth, but Mr. Milchick tackles Dylan to the ground, ending the Overtime Contingency.

As the episode concludes, we don’t find out what happens once Overtime Contingency is decommissioned.

So it seems Mark didn’t give his Outie the full story about his wife when he had the chance.

Yet Dylan’s Innie remembers everything he learned about his kid even after Mr. Milchick uses the Overtime Contingency to talk to him in the sixth episode.

Consequently, the newly learned truth about Gemma may remain in Mark’s Outie.

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What Does Irving Learn About Burt?

Severance Ending Explained

During Season 1, Irving crosses paths with Burt in Optics & Design. They eventually fall in love with one another but are later separated when Burt decides to retire.

Innie, played by Irving, is determined to find and reconcile with Burt, and he utilizes his freedom to do so. By tracking down Burt’s address, Irving is able to visit him at his house.

But when he gets to Burt’s house, he finds Burt living a contented life with another man.

Though it broke his heart at the time, Irving knows that Burt is the only one who knows the whole truth about Lumon. Because of this, he goes to seek out Burt and raps on his door.

The outcome is unclear because the Overtime Contingency is terminated before Irving and Burt can reconnect.

It’s conceivable that Irving, now in his Outie form, will get back together with Burt.

Without prior knowledge of their relationships within Lumon, it is unknown how the two will behave toward one another.

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