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Is Maya Hawke Lesbian? The Unbelievable Truth!

Is Maya Hawke Lesbian: Due to her outstanding performance as Robin in Stranger Things season 3, Maya Hawke is currently a rising celebrity.

Since she first emerged in Stranger Things, he has given us the chance to meet a brand-new character who combines humor, intelligence, and a hint of awkwardness with the fact that Robin is a lesbian in the show.

One of the reasons why people started to wonder about Maya’s love life and sexual orientation was because of how excellently she played the role of Robin in Stranger Things.

Despite the excellent job she did in portraying Robin, she does not have the same sexual orientation as her on-screen persona because she is straight. Having stated that, let’s learn more about Maya Hawke.

In this article, we will discuss whether is Maya Hawke Lesbian or not. Scroll down and read the full article.

Is Maya Hawke Lesbian?

Following Maya Hawke’s prominent role in Stranger Things, people have questioned whether she is LGBT in real life. Many people are fans of Maya’s Stranger Things character, Robin.

Some viewers even speculate that the actress may be LGBTQ+ outside of her television role, applauding the Duffer Brothers for creating diverse characters.

Even though Maya has kept her private life secret, Gus Wenner, the son of Rolling Stone publisher Jan Wenner, and she appeared to get along if you follow her on Instagram.


On their respective profiles, the two can be seen in numerous photos together, all of which feature a single heart as the caption.

In reality, Maya Hawke is not a lesbian.

When asked about playing a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Maya told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s such a wonderful thing the Duffer Brothers did, stopping the whole show…

The action stops for a seven-minute discussion between two people who genuinely care about one another while still in progress. It’s quite lovely. I’m grateful I was able to play that.

She doesn’t feel like she belongs, which is why she has so many thick barriers. She saw herself as the outlier. There is no knowledge that she is a lesbian.

Take a Look at Maya Hawke’s Personal Life!

Maya Hawke is one of the newest Hollywood stars. That’s because her portrayal of Robin in Stranger Things was flawless.


The popular Netflix series’ third season saw the character’s introduction, and she rapidly won over viewers with her unique attitude and witty asides as well as her relationship with Steve, another popular character.

However, Maya Hawke’s name should be well-known to anyone who has been a long-time moviegoer.

This is because she carries the surname of her father, Ethan Hawke, who has long been a well-known figure in Hollywood and has enjoyed considerable success since the 1990s.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, who divorced in 2005 after initially separating in 2003, gave birth to Maya as a result of their union.

When Maya Hawke appears on TV, she undoubtedly resembles her mother, but she also exhibits some of her father’s distinctive traits.

She was fortunate enough to be the daughter of two accomplished performers, and she also inherited their excellent looks and skills.

She has, however, made a reputation for herself because of her standout portrayal as Robin in Stranger Things.

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Is Maya Hawke Also Lesbian In Real Life?

In Stranger Things, Robin could be a lesbian, but Maya Hawke is straight. Maya has kept her love life very private and doesn’t always make it known who she is seeing or dating, like the majority of famous people who aren’t dating actors.

Maya Hawke, though, has been spotted dating musician Spencer Barnett. They were spotted out on a date in New York, and they even kissed. Maya Hawke is straight and prefers to hang out with men because of this.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Maya Hawke (@maya_hawke)

Spencer Barnett is the son of Sloan Barnett, a former Manhattan district attorney, and Roger Barnett, the CEO of Shaklee Corporation. It appears that Levon, Maya’s brother, introduced her to Spencer.

The fact that Maya Hawke has had relationships shows that she is heterosexual. In July 2020, she was spotted with Tom Sturridge, who played the lead in The Sandman.

The partnership continued till January 2022. Before that, Maya had a love relationship with Gus Wenner, the president, and COO of Rolling Stone.

Is Robin In Stranger Things Lesbian?


Season 3 of Stranger Things introduced Steve’s coworker Robin, played by Maya Hawke.

They both worked at the local Hawkins mall’s ice cream shop, and their shared interests ultimately led to the formation of a special bond.

The main protagonists met Robin through Steve since Dustin and his friends frequently stop by the ice cream shop, where Steve works.

Given that Steve and Nancy had broken up in previous seasons, it seemed likely that he would end up dating the attractive coworker with whom he had nice chemistry.

The fact that Robin and Steve have more chemistry together than any other pair on the program led viewers to anticipate that they will be together at the end of the season.

However, Robin admitted that she didn’t view Steve that way because she didn’t like guys as Steve was about to make a move on her. She was a secret lesbian.

Given that gays and lesbians were not widely recognized in the 1980s, this indicates that she has a crush on girls but has never come out about it.

However, the fact that Steve was one of the few people who were aware of Robin’s sexual orientation shows that she respected and valued him as a true friend.

It was made known that Steve’s new love interest in the show was going to be Robin.

However, Maya Hawke demanded that Steve and Robin remain, friends because she felt more of a friendship-type connection with Joe Keery than with a loved one.

She feared that putting them on a date would damage the characters’ relationship.

Even in season 4, Robin fell in love with a girl she met through their school band, but she never dared to tell her how she felt.

Due to their proximity, Robin and Steve were frequently mistaken for being a couple. Even Nancy believed they were a couple.

Although Steve was constantly pressuring her to disclose her affections for the female she had feelings for, Robin remained true to her lesbian identity.

When Nancy disguised herself as a college girl so they could break into a mental facility, it became apparent that she wasn’t as frilly as the other girls.

Because she had never worn anything frilly before, Robin was uneasy with her attire.

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Following Maya Hawke’s prominent role in Stranger Things, people have questioned whether she is LGBT in real life.

Many people are fans of Maya’s Stranger Things character, Robin.

Some viewers even speculate that the actress may be LGBTQ+ outside of her television role, applauding the Duffer Brothers for creating diverse characters.

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