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What is the Sexual Orientation of Queen Latifah: Is She Lesbian?

Dana Elaine Owens is an American singer, rapper, and actor, and she is best known by her stage name, Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah is also her stage name.

Since a year ago, the followers of the rapper have been speculating about the rapper’s sexual orientation as a topic of conversation.

However, many people took Queen Latifa’s mention of Happy Pride in a speech she gave in 2021 to accept an award as evidence that she is gay.

The speech was given for her to accept the award. During her acceptance speech, she remarked.

Is Queen Latifah Lesiban?

Since she portrayed a lesbian band robber in the 1996 film “Set it Off,” there has been a lot of speculation over Queen Latifah’s sexual orientation.

She has, however, never spoken out about these rumours.

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I don’t feel like I need to reveal my personal life, and I don’t care if people think I’m homosexual or not, Latifa remarked in an interview in 2008.

She has, however, frequently been seen with Eboni Nichols in recent years, and rumours that the two are romantically linked with one another have taken off like wildfire.

In the meantime, Queen Latifa recognised her lover for the first time in public at the 2021 BET Awards, reaffirming the pair’s continued romance.

“Eboni, my darling,” Latifa remarked in her words of gratitude. Love, be a rebel. Peace.

Cheers to pride! Her declaration attests to Queen Latifa’s pride in belonging to the LGBTQ community.

Queen Latifah’s Personal Life


On March 18, 1970, Queen Latifah was born in Newark, New Jersey.

Lance and Rita Owens are her parents. Lance, her father, used to be a police officer.

She was only eight years old when her parents divorced.

After the divorce, Latifa moved home with her mother, who was signed to her musical career.

Lancelot, Latifah’s younger brother, died in a motorcycle accident in the year 1992.

Latifa finished her education in a Newark Catholic institution.

Basketball was a sport she enjoyed playing in school.

However, her focus soon shifted to rapping in high school, and in her junior year, she started a group named “Ladies Fresh.”

Queen Latifah’s Career

When Queen Latifah was working for a record label, she started singing and rapping.

In the meantime, she founded Flavor Unit Records and Management Company in 1991.

Latifa assumed the role of CEO of this company that same year.


Acting is another occupation that Queen Latifa has undertaken. Juice, a 1992 crime thriller, was the first film Latifa acted in.

She rapidly attracted attention and won a major role in the popular sitcom “Living Single.”

Two years later, in 1998, Latifah appeared in the motion picture Living Out Loud.

Her fourth hip-hop album, “Order in the Court,” was co-produced by her and Ro Smith and released this year.

The reviews for her 2004 picture “Taxi” were conflicting.

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On the other hand, she further made “Order in the Court” available on CD.

She delivered an exceptional performance in the 2015 movie “Bessie.”

Additionally, she portrayed Bessie Smith in this HBO movie.

Latifah received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her performance in this role.

Who is Queen Latifah’s Husband?

During her acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards in 2021, she was the first to bring up her relationship with Eboni Nichols and their son Rebel.

The award was presented to her by BET. Additionally, this was the first time that she was presented with this prize.

Does Queen Latifah Still Wear the Key Around Her Neck?

Even in the present day, it is not uncommon to find Latifah going about her day-to-day activities with the key to her motorcycle slung around her neck as she does so.


She recounts the effect the tragedy had on her and how difficult it was for her to get over it and move on with her life in her book.

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She also discusses how tough it was for her to get over it and continue living her life. She honoured him by calling her album, “Black Reign,” which was published in 1993, after him.

This was her way of paying tribute to him. In addition to that, she dedicated the record to him.

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One area of her life that she is open and honest about is the fact that she was sexually abused in the past.

She said that the person who she claimed had abused her had “violated me.” “I did not share the information with anyone and I maintained a respectful distance from those around me; but, I did not keep it to myself.

In all honesty, I have never allowed someone to get too close to me. When I was younger, I had the opportunity to get married, but I was unable to commit to anyone.”

She says that the passing of her brother gave her the courage to speak her mind after the tragedy.

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