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Record of Ragnarok’ Ending & Where to Read It

The concept of Ragnarok is central to Norse mythology, and it denotes a series of occurrences that follow a key struggle in the mythological timeline.

The end of the world is included among these occurrences.

It was the cause that, in the end, resulted in the demise of a substantial number of key Norse gods in addition to mankind.

The occurrence that is known as Ragnarok involves the complete submersion of the globe beneath the waters.

This event clears the way for a fresh start on the reborn world, although there will initially only be room for two people to inhabit it.

The destruction that was wreaked upon the cosmos in the anime series Record of Ragnarok is depicted in a manner that is comparable to how it actually took place.

This can be seen in the series’ title. However, from that point forward, there won’t be any kind of catastrophe of any kind.

Instead, the gods come to the realisation that they have no choice but to wipe humans off the face of the earth.

Plot Explanation of Record of Ragnarok Season 1

During the conference that takes place in Valhalla once every thousand years, the gods decide whether or not humanity will be allowed to continue existing for the subsequent thousand years.


Following a period of seven million years, the All-Powerful Zeus makes the decision to put an end to human existence after evaluating the state of humanity and the actions it has taken.

Brunhild, a Valkyrie and a half-god, argues that everyone ought to be given the opportunity to demonstrate their worth before the council before the king can reveal his decision.

She says that the only way for mankind to be saved is through Ragnarok, the last war between God and man.

The outcome of Ragnarok, which has been described as a “one-on-one” combat between humanity and their creator, will, according to the constitution of Valhalla, decide the fate of everyone engaged.

There will be a battle between 13 gods and 13 mortals, and the winner will be determined by who achieves seven victories first.

If mankind is victorious, each person on the planet will be granted an extra thousand years of life.

Explained: Thor Vs. Lu Bu

Thor has gained a lot of notoriety following the MCU and doesn’t really need much of an introduction.

He is the son of Odin and the defender of Asgard, although only officially.

Thor also possesses the unbeatable Mjollnir hammer, which he used to defend Asgard against the Jötunheimr (giants) onslaught.

He has gained a lot of admiration since then.

The most powerful warrior on earth was a guy named Lu Bu.

He was Jiuyuan County’s, Wuyuan Commandery’s, ruler of the three kingdoms (modern-day Mongolia).

Throughout his entire, he looked for a real foe who could challenge him and beat him, but he never found one.

Thor faced Lu Bu in the opening conflict of Record of Ragnarok, and it was predicted that he wouldn’t have a chance against Mjollnir.

Brunhild, though, was aware of that right away. So she gives Lu Bu a weapon to equip human warriors.

The fourth of the thirteen Valkyries, Randgriz, changed into Lu Bu’s halberd.

But Thunder God was stronger than Lu Bu.

In the waning seconds, Lu Bu utilised his “Sky Eater” and Thor used his ultimate move, “Geirrod Thor’s hammer.”

However, Thor ruthlessly destroyed Lu Bu’s body, shattering his soul and preventing him from being reborn.


Lu Bu finally received a respectable foe and peace, which were his two main desires.

Randgriz and Valkyrie died along with him.

Zeus Vs. Adam is Described

Zeus Vs. Adam is described.
Zeus, the father of the gods, squared up against Adam, the father of all humans, in the second conflict of the Ragnarok Chronicle.

Titanomachy is well-known to Zeus, who is frequently referred to as the Godfather of the Cosmos.

a bloody mythical conflict in which the almighty Titans were destroyed by the Olypiam gods.

Zeus assassinated his father, Cronus, after the conflict in order to ascend to the throne of Mount Olympus.

The tale of Adam and Eve is rather common.

To review, Adam and Eve were exiled from paradise as a result of partaking of the forbidden fruit.

Since that time, Adam has been openly angry with God.

But because he was a reflection of gods, he possessed all the abilities that gods might display.

Simply put, a mimic or, if you prefer, a Divine Reflection.

The seventh Valkyrie and daughter of the gods, Reginleif, changed into iron knuckles to strike Zeus without feeling for him in order to intensify the battle.

Adam tried desperately to bring down Zeus in order to save his children, but he was unsuccessful.

By imitating Adamas, Zeus’ last change, his body became overheated.

He vanished with Reginleif, giving the Gods yet another triumph.

What Was The Role Of Valkyries?

The Valkyries’ commander, Brunhild, was instrumental in preventing the extinction of humanity.

She hated gods who abused their authority and annihilated life at will.

She proposed Ragnarok and actively participated in the conflict to stop the destruction of humans.

In Norse mythology, Valkyries guided the souls of the deceased into Valhalla, the hall of the dead.


They were, to put it simply, soul bearers. They would determine whether a person’s soul would go to heaven, paradise, or damnation.

The thirteen Valkyries supported humanity in the arena combat in Ragnarok.

They changed into a weapon for humanity, giving them the ability to battle Gods.

The phrase “Divine Treasure Forge or Volundr” was emphasised next to this talent.

Where Can I Read Record of Ragnarok?

Streaming on Roku. Miyuki Sawashiro, Tomoyo Kurosawa, and Tomokazu Seki are the three individuals that lend their voices to the characters in the anime series Record of Ragnarok, which can currently be viewed in its entirety over the internet.

It will be available to stream on Netflix, but you can also watch it on Roku simultaneously.

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Zeus chooses Hercules as his unmatched, courageous warrior to face Jack the Ripper of Earth in the fourth battle of Ragnarok.

The fight would take place in a made-up stadium that was intended to resemble London in the late 19th century.

Jack had personally asked for it. The conflict would be covered in greater detail in Season 2 of “Record of Ragnarok.”

Goll, Brunhild’s youngest sister, saw her with Hermes, one of the 12 gods, before the declaration of the battle.

The enigmatic image hinted that Brunhild might have another reason to hate the gods.

Imaginarily, Hermes, who loathed Zeus’ fixation with war and destruction, might have devised the strategy.

The cliffhanger will be further examined in season two.

By the end of Season 1 of “Record of Ragnarok,” mankind had defeated one opponent.

God won two of the matches, dominating the opposition.

To avoid extinction, mankind must prevail in six more battles.

Every game in season 2 will be significant.

Based on the same-named manga series, Record of Ragnarok is a 2021 anime series. Netflix is streaming it.

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