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The Santa Clauses Release Date: When Will the Santa Clauses Be Available?

Tim Allen reprises his prominent role as a Father Christmas stand-alike in The Santa Clauses, a new Disney Plus sitcom.

The Santa Clauses is a Disney Plus spin-off series starting where the film franchise left off.

Fans of Tim Allen’s performance as Scott Calvin, an ordinary man forced to step into Santa’s shoes to rescue Christmas in the 1994 film The Santa Clause and its sequels, will be happy to see him reprise his role.

But now Scott realizes he is nearing retirement and must choose a worthy replacement.

When Will the Santa Clauses Be Available?

Disney made the big announcement at their D23 2022 convention. In connection with this announcement, they also released the first-look trailer for The Santa Clauses.

The limited series will premiere on Disney+ on November 16, 2022, a Wednesday. The show’s first two episodes will be accessible when it debuts.

The Santa Clauses Release Date

Following that, episodes will air once a week. According to the show’s IMDB page, there will be five episodes.

The Plot of the Santa Clauses Series

The Santa Clauses television series follows Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) as he approaches his 65th birthday. His Santa duties are finally catching up with him, and he’s no longer as efficient as he once was.

Furthermore, he believes that living beyond the North Pole would benefit his family, mainly his daughter Sandra (played by Tim Allen’s real-life daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick), who is lonely with no other people for companionship.

However, with his elves, the children of the globe, and Christmas all dependent on him, he must ensure that he selects the perfect replacement for the role before preparing his family for their next trip.

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Who is Playing Santa Claus in the Santa Clauses?

As previously stated, Tim Allen will reprise his legendary role as Scott Calvin, the everyday guy who gets the chance to become the jolly old Saint Nick. However, not everyone from the franchise is returning, including Allen.

His on-screen wife and Mrs. Claus, Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), as well as his first Elf Number, David Krumholtz (The Deuce), and his son Charlie, Eric Lloyd, will all appear alongside him (The Wonder Years).

The Santa Clauses Release Date

After the cast and crew teased that some additional well-known characters from the original trilogy may make an appearance, we’re raising our fingers that Martin Short from Only Murders in the Building and Judge Reinhold from Beverly Hills Cop will return to the franchise.

Harold and Kumar’s Kal Penn Newcomers to the series include Matilda Lawler (Flora & Ulysses), Devin Bright (Monsters at Work), Rupali Redd (Bite Size Halloween), Laura San Giacomo (Barry), Austin Kane (Godless), and Tim Allen’s daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick. They will make her acting debut in The Santa Clauses.

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Will a Second Season of the Santa Clauses Air?

A second season of the show has not been confirmed,d and considering it is currently being described as a limited series centered on Santa’s retirement, a second season appears improbable.

Still, limited series on Disney+, such as Loki (2021), have been known to change their status previously, so who knows? Perhaps we’ll see Scott Calvin and his family again.

The Santa Clauses Series: is a Trailer Available?

Yes, a teaser trailer for The Santa Clauses is now out, and as you can see, there’s a lot of Christmas fun packed into it, even though Santa announces, “I, Santa Claus, have decided to retire!” Take a peek at the video below…

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