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Lenta.Ru – Alternative Sites & Competitors is a popular Russian online magazine that covers photography, video, and art. The site has been around since 1998 and has built a large and loyal following. Like any other site, competes with alternative sites like Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram. If you’re looking to increase your reach and compete with, you’ll need to understand how they operate. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to’s competitors and how to best approach them in order to grab their audience.

What is

Lenta.Ru is one of the oldest and most popular Russian news websites. It was launched in 1998 by Dmitry Medvedev, who is now the president of Russia. The site is known for its investigative journalism and coverage of politics, business, and culture. has been compared to Reuters and The New York Times, and it has won numerous awards, including the prestigious George Polk award. However, as Russia’s biggest news site, has also been subject to criticism from politicians and other powerful individuals. In September 2017, Vladimir Putin accused the site of “economic espionage.”’s main competitors are RIA Novosti and Sputnik News. Alternative sites like Gazetaplus, which focuses on lifestyle content, are also popular in Russia.

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The History of Lenta is one of the oldest Russian online newspapers, founded in 1996. The website offers daily coverage of Russian and international news with a focus on technology, business, and lifestyle.

The original site was hosted on Geocities until it was purchased by the company Mail.Ru in 2006. moved to its current address on the St. Petersburg servers in 2007 through a partnership between Mail.Ru and Google. In May 2017, Lenta announced that it had reached an agreement to sell its St Petersburg business to Mail Media Holding for an undisclosed sum.

Lenta has been widely seen as a major competitor to Russian state-run media organizations such as Ria Novosti and Sputnik News.

The website has been criticized for its lack of transparency and conflict of interest, while others have praised its journalistic integrity.

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Lenta Competitors & Alternative Sites Like It

Lenta.Ru, one of the oldest Russian news media websites, is a popular source for news and analysis of current events. Recently, the website has been facing competition from alternative sites like Meduza and Pravda Vlast. However, Lenta remains one of the most visited Russian news websites with over 12 million unique visitors per month.

Lenta competes primarily with Russia’s two leading state-owned newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Nezavisimaya Gazeta. However, it also faces competition from independent news outlets such as Novaya Gazeta, which was bought by a private Russian company in 2016.

Alternative sites like Meduza and Pravda Vlast are newer than Lenta and focus on providing different types of coverage than traditional Russian news media outlets. Meduza is known for its left-leaning political coverage while Pravda Vlast covers more conservative topics.

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Conclusion is a popular Russian news website, with articles on politics and business. However, it also has a section specifically for fashion. Given the current political atmosphere in Russia, where restrictions on free speech are increasing, it’s important to be aware of competitors and alternative sites like that offer independent news coverage.

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