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What Happened in The Final Moments of “Halloween Ends?” Did Michael Myers Die?

Tonight, the forces of evil will be vanquished. The third and final film in David Gordon Green’s Halloween remake trilogy brings back Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, and it delivers all the thrills, shocks, and surprises you could want in the ultimate showdown between the Shape and Laurie.

Both Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney reprise their roles as Michael, and Jamie Lee Curtis and Andi Matichak return as Laurie and Allyson Strode. Kyle Richards reprises her role as Lindsey Wallace. A new addition to the cast, Rohan Campbell plays Corey Cunningham, a troubled young man with a tragic history.

Here, all your questions about the shocking conclusion are answered in detail. Naturally, it goes without saying that there are significant Halloween Ends spoilers coming. If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now!

‘Halloween Ends’ Ending Explained

When his life is in danger, Corey turns to Michael and, by donning the mask, becomes him. Alluding to the fact that he kills the bullies, the radio DJ who slandered him and Allyson, and his mother is a roundabout way of indicating that he does all of these things. Margo one of the bullies and Corey’s father both become unintended victims.

halloween ends ending explained

Their “neutrality” assisted the abusers and accelerated Corey’s downward spiral, so I don’t think you’re expected to feel too badly for them. After things are settled, Corey visits Laurie, who is home alone now that Allyson has left to go away with Corey. Laurie leads Corey to believe she committed suicide on purpose. Corey relaxes his guard, allowing Laurie to shoot him many times in the chest while taunting him.

For most of “Halloween Ends,” Laurie presents a gloomy portrait of herself in which she is writing memoirs, worrying about Allyson, and lacking the sass we witnessed in “Halloween” (both the original and the 2018 sequel).

But then we see through her facade and into her true battling heart. Unlike some people, she doesn’t relax her guard easily. She may seem calm, but her attackers would be foolish to underestimate her.

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The catch is that she’s not particularly evil. She doesn’t see that Corey will stab himself before Allyson returns to the house to keep his promise to himself that he won’t let anyone else have Allyson if he can’t have her. Allyson is fooled when she discovers Corey’s body in Laurie’s house and sees Laurie standing over him with a bloody knife. She leaves quickly, leaving Laurie to deal with the crushing realization that she will never see her again.

Amidst the mayhem, Michael manages to sneak in, kill Corey, retrieve the mask, and begin one of the bloodiest battle sequences in American horror film history. Allyson gets a phone call from the police telling her they’ve received a suicide call from her home.

When you consider the timing of events, it’s clear that Laurie planned that phony suicide call ahead of time so that the police would surround her house before Corey or Michael could reach her. If you’ve seen the prior films, you know that Michael frequently disconnects the victim’s phone so they can’t call for help.

Even if he doesn’t, it’s hard to keep a low profile while evading a serial killer and calling for help. So, there you have it: another piece of excellent writing. The struggle culminates in Laurie pinning Michael to the kitchen table with knives and then crushing his legs with the weight of an entire refrigerator. In fact, she slashes at his throat. We’ve seen Michael fight back and try to strangle Laurie many times before.

At first glance, it may appear like Laurie is willing to let Michael strangle her to end their feud. Laurie is about to be killed when Allyson reaches out and saves her. The two of them then bleed Michael to death.

Instead of allowing the police to take Michael to the morgue, Laurie and Allyson (along with the rest of Haddonfield) drag him to the car-crusher and shred him to bits. Allyson leaves home and Laurie completes her autobiography as Haddonfield begins to recover. In it, she admits that even though she’s free of her personal nightmare, evil persists.

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Form merely shifts. Laurie and Will Patton (Frank) sit on the porch as Blue yster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper begins to play, and the final shot is of Laurie’s study room, where Michael’s mask (the only physical reminder of his existence since he does not get a memorial or a tombstone) rests. That doesn’t make me think Laurie will become the next Shape (of evil), but it also doesn’t make me completely dismiss the possibility.

David Gordon Green’s interpretation of the “Halloween” series is that Haddonfield, like every other sleepy suburb, is a swamp of evil that pulses through all of its residents. Michael Myers was just a symptom of a much larger issue.

Because the town’s ills had been concentrated in him, he became a symbol of the problem, and he was now spreading the infection by instilling a similar corruption in Corey. Thankfully, they both had to make an abrupt halt. But does that prove that no evil exists in Haddonfield? Absolutely not.

Patton stated that Haddonfield needed to begin the process of recovery immediately. That suggested they were in the very early stages of doing whatever it was they were doing. They have a long way to go and need to develop the skill of self-improvement through activities like journaling and psychotherapy.

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They need to put an end to their tendency for mob justice and witch hunts. The two sides need to stop acting like aristocrats and start acting like adults by learning from their mistakes instead of using them as taunts. That’s the only way to prevent evil from taking another form and going forward.

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