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The Fabulous Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming New K-drama

The Fabulous (2022) is a romance drama series that is produced in South Korea. It tells the story of four close friends who are all employed in the fashion industry and who are attempting to balance their personal and professional lives. The series will air in 2022.

The Fabulous (Korean: RR: Deo Paebyulleoseu) is an upcoming television series that will be streamable online in South Korea. The series will be called Deo Paebyulleoseu.

Kim Ji-hee and I’m Jin-seon are the ones who came up with the idea to create it. In addition to that, Kim Jung-Hyun is the one who is directing each episode of the series.

In addition, the pilot episode of the series will be made accessible on Netflix during the first week of November of this year, which will be the exact date of the premiere of the series.

It would appear that the series highlights the stories of the experiences of young adults who are struggling to combine their work lives, personal lives, and relationships while operating in an environment that is both dynamic and competitive.

Even though we have already divulged some information regarding the series’s storyline, let’s investigate extra details regarding this brand-new show before it makes its debut.


For your convenience, the information that follows, which includes the release date of The Fabulous, the cast of characters, and the plot of the movie, as well as everything else, is offered below.

The Fabulous Release Date

On November 4th, 2022, it is anticipated that the first episode of this brand-new Korean drama series that is currently in the process of being produced will make its debut on Netflix.

The Fabulous Plot

As far as we are aware, the plot centres on four close friends as they navigate the obligations of hard occupations, challenging romantic situations, and crazy nights out on the town while also attempting to realise their aspirations in the fashion industry.

However, the material that is provided by Asian Wiki suggests that the series depicts the story of people who have devoted their entire lives to the fashion industry and struggle to make a livelihood there.

Image editing is the domain of freelance retoucher Ji Woo-Min, who is responsible for producing high-quality results.

He has a charming personality and is skilled at his work, but he lacks enthusiasm for either his job or love. He is skilled at his work, but he lacks enthusiasm for both.

Pyo Ji-Eun has dreamed of having a career in the fashion industry ever since she was a little girl. Her aspiration has not changed.

At the promotion agency that she works for, she is currently the department chief. The agency works with premium brands.

By maintaining a positive attitude, she can preserve a positive outlook on life and maintain her charming personality even though she has a difficult time succeeding in the fashion world.

Four close friends are pursuing their dreams of working alongside the most successful people in the fashion industry, even though doing so requires them to juggle demanding careers, complicated romantic situations, and wild nights out on the town.

The Fabulous Cast

We do not have any information regarding any of the characters or actors who will be participating in the show at this time.


On the other side, if one were to trust the rumours, the following is a cast list for the series that has been officially approved. Take a peek.

Choi Min-ho plays the role of Ji Woo-min Chae Soo-bin plays the role of Pyo Ji-Eun Kim Min-kyu plays the role of Shim Do-young Choi Hee-jin plays the role of Ahn Nam-hee Shin Dong-mi plays the role of Oh Lee Mi-do plays the role of Hong Ji-Seon Jeon Soo-kyeong plays the role of Jang Ok-jin Choi Won-my

Casts in Little Brief

When a woman is working by herself, she goes by the moniker “Hanyang,” yet her real name is WooMin.

He has the looks of a movie star and the long legs of a model, but he is not used to displaying his emotions in front of other people.


This is one of his weaknesses. He does not talk much. Because he does not put a lot of effort into anything, he has never been in a situation where he felt frustrated.

This is because he does not put a lot of effort into anything. At the upscale fashion agency where she works, JiEun has just completed her fifth year there as an employee.

She has a heart that is warm and giving, a lot of positive energy, and she never backs down from a challenge when it is presented her way.

She is a gorgeous woman who makes the most of every chance that life presents her with and takes complete responsibility for the actions that she does.

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On the other hand, if you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch The Fabulous whenever the mood strikes you.

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