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Betting on Tennis

Tennis is a sport that has few uncertainties. That makes the sport a popular sport among sports bettors. A tennis match is played between two players or two doubles and at the end of the match one side has won and the other has lost. There is no possibility of a tie so every bet you place on a tennis match has a fifty-fifty chance of winning. There is no draw, there is no stoppage time, there are no invalid or disallowed points, it is a very clean sport and that is what sports bettors love.

In this article we would like to explain why this is the case and what options you have to bet on tennis successfully at non GamStop bookies on JUSTUK CLUB. With our tips you can be well prepared for major tournaments such as Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Betting on Tennis at Non GamStop Bookies

There are quite a few options for betting on tennis at non GamStop bookies. We immediately make a distinction on a number of points. At a tennis tournament you can bet on which player will win the tournament or the game.

Outright Betting (Tournament Winner)

Predicting the winner of a tournament is called “outright betting”. You place a bet on the player(s) of your choice here. It is often wise to place these bets before a tournament starts. Once a tournament has started, it is very easy for the bookmakers to quickly adjust the odds and, thus, your potential winnings will be decreased.

Moneyline (Bet on the Winner)

The most popular bet in tennis is the bet on the game’s winner. Of course, the bet you make on the tennis player who will win the match. Here we also immediately have a small disadvantage of betting on tennis matches. The odds are never super high for either player. If a player is already assigned high odds, this is often a player who is a bit lower in the world ranking and who has to play against a top player. In normal matches between players who are both in the top-100 of the ATP or WTA ranking, the odds fluctuate between 1.40 and 2.50.

Set Betting

If you don’t just want to bet on the winner, you can also bet on the outcome of a tennis match. You can choose to limit yourself to the number of sets won. Most tennis matches are played in a best-of-three format. At Grand Slam tournaments (namely the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open) the men play in singles according to the best-of-5 principle.

The women play tennis on the WTA Tour every game they play, including the Grand Slam tournaments, according to the best-of-three principle.

Non GamStop bookmakers offer the option to predict and bet on the correct outcome of the match. For all tournaments except the Grand Slam tournaments in men’s singles there are four possible results. 2-0 for player A, 2-1 for player A, 2-1 for player B and 2-0 for player B.

Over/ Under

Although in other sports the over/under bet includes the number of goals or the number of points scored, in tennis it depends on the number of games a match will feature. Keep in mind that tennis matches are made up of either the best three or the best five. A player must win by a margin of two games in order to be higher than his opponent.


We can consider futures as a separate type of sports bet since they are not tied to a specific match and cannot be bet directly. Simply put, it’s a long-term bet. Although it is not as exciting as the previous types, it offers very high odds and you can get huge profits from it. This bet includes predicting which player will win a particular tournament. To get the highest odds you must bet before the start of the tournament, because after it starts the sports betting site will adjust its odds according to the results and performance of the participants.


One of the most prominent tennis bets are private bets. This catogry has many types of interesting bets that have high odds but players’ ability to expect them remains very limited. These bets include who will win in the first round, the exact score, and other markets. However, you should keep in mind that this bet is not available on all sports betting sites without GamStop or you may only offer them for the big tournaments.

Live Betting

Since tennis is a fast-paced sport and its outcome can change violently and quickly, live betting presents interesting opportunities for savvy bettors. You can bet on any event right after it starts, however, keep in mind that not all non GamStop sports betting sites offer free live streaming of tennis matches.

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