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Martin Henderson’s Girlfriend: Fans of “Virgin River” Want to Know if He is Single?

Martin Henderson, who hails from New Zealand and has wooed a plethora of leading ladies on screen, was born there. In the television series Grey’s Anatomy, he portrayed a potential romantic interest for the character of Meredith Grey, which was played by Ellen Pompeo. In the film Miracles From Heaven, he also played the role of Jennifer Garner’s on-screen husband. Even Britney Spears appears alongside him in the music video for their collaboration “Toxic.”

The actor who plays the lead role in “Virgin River” isn’t embarrassed to discuss his private life in front of the public. But after discovering love while confined, does Martin continue to be in a relationship with the person he fell in love with? We have the scoop on who the actor might be dating right now, if anyone at all!

Who is Martin Henderson’s Girlfriend Now?

At the time that this article was written, Martin seems to be a single man who is concentrating on his leading role in Virgin River.


A model by the name of Aisha Mendez was the subject of the actor’s most recent high-profile relationship. During the lockdowns caused by the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, Martin and Aisha were dating and were also quarantined together. Additionally, the couple made their relationship official on Instagram while they were in quarantine, and Martin frequently complimented his lady love on her hilarious sense of humor.

Sadly, the bond they shared during their time in lockdown was not enough to keep them together for very long. It was reported in the January 2022 issue of Country Living that Aisha and Martin had broken off their relationship. Since then, the actor from Netflix has deleted all of his and Aisha’s content that was previously on Instagram. As soon as that takes place, you can pretty much say goodbye to the romance for good.

For the time being, it would appear that Martin has not yet moved on from Aisha. The actor has been maintaining a professional appearance on his social media pages as of late, with the exception of the occasional photo from one of his movie premieres or a family event.

Demi Moore and Martin Henderson Had Dated in the Past

The paparazzi caught Martin and Demi Moore appearing very comfortable with one another in 2012 in New Preston, Connecticut, while they were out doing errands together and having lunch. An eyewitness at the moment informed Life & Style magazine that the two individuals “were very comfortable with each other,” as reported by the New York Daily News.

In 2014, however, Martin stated that having their every step recorded was “not pleasant,” telling the Sunday Herald Sun that it was an inconvenience.


“I feel for [Demi],” he remarked. “My heart goes out to anyone who has achieved a level of fame to the point where they are unable to live a normal life.”

He also stated to the newspaper that he does not care what other people think of his relationship with the G.I. Jane star and that he has no interest in their opinions. “You have to get to the point where you don’t care what other people think. As an actor, you pick up on that,” he explained. “Would you be unable to function normally if you received a negative review? Or would you consider yourself a gift from God whenever someone sings your praises? I make it a point not to worry too much about what other people think of me.

Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson Are Currently on-screen Dating

Martin got a job on the romantic drama Virgin River after his departure from Grey’s Anatomy in 2017. The first episode of the fourth season of Virgin River was released on Netflix on July 20, 2022.

In the show, Martin plays the role of Jack Sheridan, who runs a bar and is romantically interested in the main character, Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who is portrayed by actress Alexandra Breckenridge from This Is Us.

According to an interview that Martin gave to TVLine in the year 2020, he said, “We’re blessed with the fact that Alex and I have fantastic chemistry.” “That is pretty obvious, but sadly, it’s not something that can be relied on in every situation. Since it is either there or it isn’t, and since we have it, it enables us to work in a manner that is respectful to one another, it is either there or it isn’t. There is a certain amount of trust there, which means that they hold space for us as performers and allow us to capture genuine moments on screen.

Fans will have to make do with the on-screen chemistry that Martin and Alexandra share despite the fact that Martin is now unmarried. In 2015, Alexandra wed Casey Hooper, the drummer for Katy Perry, and the couple now shares parental responsibilities for their children, Billie and Jack.

Despite the fact that Mel is pregnant for the third season, Jack and Mel’s relationship is stronger than it has ever been. In the fourth season, the couple decided to get engaged after discovering through a paternity test that they were going to have a child together. Fans of Virgin River are relieved to learn that Jack and Mel will appear in the fifth season of the show.

Is Martin Henderson in a Relationship?

Martin Henderson was not seen with the model since 2021, and a recent report claims that he is now in a relationship with a citizen of his home country. Discover more about his romantic life right here!


How Many Kids Does Martin Henderson Have?

Does Henderson Have Any Children? Although Henderson does not have any human children, he is a doting father to his lovable canine companion, Sammy. He wrote those words in one of his Instagram posts, which was accompanied by a close-up photo of his dog, and the post was titled “I love him so much.

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If the audience has been wondering whether or not Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge are still close friends, then the answer can be found here.

Fans of Virgin River will be relieved to learn that the actors continue to have a strong friendship even though it can be difficult for them to keep in touch when they are not working together on set. In point of fact, during the time that Virgin River is off-screen, the two actors regularly participate in Instagram lives together.

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