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One Piece Episode 1040 Release Date: Plot, Cast and Much More to Know

As the Alliance has not yet prevailed over the Beast Pirates, the next episode of One Piece, number 1040, is right around the corner.

The previous episode animated Chapters 1017 and 1018, therefore there is still a significant gap between the manga and this episode’s content.

Watching One Piece Episode 1040 will keep you up to date on the latest information on Wano, as there are fewer than 40 chapters left to read.

In the Wano arc, there are a lot of exciting things that are about to happen.

However, Luffy is still recuperating from the fight he had with Kaido, so it will be some time before he is able to engage in combat once more.

In addition to that, there are several Tobi Roppo members as well as All-Stars who have not yet been defeated.

If you are certain that you will watch the next episode of One Piece, the air date of episode 1040, along with its release timings and summary, is provided below for your convenience.

One Piece Episode 1040 Release Date


On the Sunday, November 13, 2022, the release of One Piece Episode 1040 will take place, and the episode will be titled A Helmsman’s Pride – An Angry Jimbei!” There will be no interruptions between episodes, so you can see Episode 1040 on this Sunday at the following times, depending on the time zone in which you are located:

Japan Standard Time – 9:30 am
Pacific Time – 7:00 pm
Eastern Time – 10:00 pm
Central Time – 9:00 pm
British Summer Time – 3:00 am
Australian Central Daylight Time – 12:30 pm
India Time – 7:30 am

The release timing for One Piece Episode 1040 will be the same as it was for the episode that came before it.

As is customary, it will be broadcast first in Japan, and then it will become available in other time zones after an hour and a half has passed.

One Piece Episode 1040 Plot

The official synopsis for Episode 1040 has not yet been released, which is unfortunate.

Even so, we can get a sense of what to expect from Episode 1040 by seeing the promo for the following episode.

Before we dive into the breakdown of the sneak peek, let’s take a moment to discuss the most recent episode.

“Upon hearing Otama’s command, the Gifters take the side of the samurai, much to the displeasure of Tobi Roppo and the others! Chopper begins to take care of Zoro despite the fact that the upgraded Rumble Ball is causing him to experience negative side effects.

In the meantime, Jimbei is left speechless after hearing Who’s-narrative. Who’s

According to the trailer, the conflict between Jimbei and Who’s-Who will take up the most of the attention in the following episode.

Because Who’s-Who has revealed his history, Jimbei is responsible for preventing him from exacting revenge on Luffy.

It appears that the upcoming episode will highlight Jimbei’s loyalty and authority in his capacity as the helmsman of the Straw Hats and a former Warlord.

One Piece Episode 1040 Expectations


The title of this article alludes to the fact that the episode will most likely feature a fight between the newest member of the straw hat and a former member of the intelligence team.

This is due to the fact that the latter individual despises having had any former ties with the straw hat.

The pride of a helmsman? is the title of the 1040th episode of One Piece.

Both the teaser for the upcoming episode, titled “The Enraged Jimbei!” and the programme itself centre entirely on the conflict between Jimbei and Who’s Who.

We should also anticipate hearing from Who’s-Who concerning Shanks and the motivation behind the initial fruit theft that he committed.

Since the title of the episode also suggests that Who’s Who may have provoked Jimbei into fighting, our goal is to have a better understanding of Jimbei’s fighting technique as well as how he reacts when he is upset.

In the meantime, the air date of the episode as well as a preview of it are provided below for your perusal.

How to Watch One Piece Episode 1040?

The most recent episode of the enormous series is going to be broadcast on local Japanese networks first.

This is the plan, at least. If you live in Japan, you will be able to watch every new episode of One Piece that airs on Sunday on local Japanese networks such as Fuji TV and others.

If you do not live in Japan, you will need to watch the episodes online.

After the new episodes have debuted on their respective regional networks, they will be made available online a few hours later.

On websites such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, viewers from all over the world are able to catch up on the latest episode of One Piece every week.


However, there is a possibility that the platforms have geographical constraints.

Why Did They Stop Releasing One Piece Episodes?

Because of the scheduled airing of a marathon on Fuji TV on Sunday, new episodes of One Piece and Digimon Ghost Game were not made available for viewing.

On Friday, Toei Animation made the announcement that on March 6, an unauthorised third party accessed the company’s network, which led to the shutdown of a portion of the company’s systems.

The breach occurred as a result of the unauthorised access.

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Crunchyroll is, as always, the best website to visit if you want to watch One Piece.

Due to the usage of simulcast, viewers in other countries are able to view the most recent episode of One Piece on the same day that it is broadcast in Japan.

Additionally, it is the only streaming site that provides access to the most recent episodes of One Piece.

Crunchyroll does not, however, support all regions, therefore you may require a virtual private network (VPN).

You can also watch it on other websites, such as Bilibili if you’re from Asia.

Other websites offer it as well. In addition, the most recent episodes of One Piece are only available with Japanese dubs because the English dub has not caught up yet.

You’ll have to be patient if you favour the dubbed versions of anime over the subtitled ones because the English dub won’t be available until later.

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