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5 Netflix Hacks to Save Money on Your Subscription

Netflix is the most widely used streaming service worldwide, with 221 million subscriptions in more than 190 countries that enjoy television episodes, documentaries, feature films, and mobile games in various genres and languages. Members may view as much as they like at any time on any screen connected to the Internet. Subscriptions allow for uninterrupted playback and pausing and resume viewing.

Netflix has a sizable selection of streaming services, although the library differs by area. For instance, the Netflix collection in America is larger than in Canada. Thus, the solution is simple: you must sign up for a reputable VPN provider to watch American Netflix in Canada.

Here are our top tips for reducing the cost of your Netflix subscription to help.

Think about Netflix with ads

Additional information about Netflix’s different pricing is provided below, but the most recent information is crucial for cutting costs. A new tier of Netflix service that features commercials in its programming is called Netflix Basic with Ads. Netflix Basic with Advertising costs $6.99 monthly, $3 cheaper than Basic as it is now available.

Nevertheless, when Netflix with advertisements first appeared, several of our favorite programs, like The Good Place, one of the top Netflix shows, were absent.
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Since it is Netflix Basic, you are also limited to 720p, not 1080p or 4K. There should soon be Netflix Standard Premium with Ads available.

As a final point, Netflix’s ad placement on its own original programming has yet to be flawless because those programs weren’t designed to have commercials.

Adjust the resolution of your mobile streaming device.

Consider those circumstances where you were unable to make plans in advance. You recently came to mind a Netflix show you hadn’t considered, or you recently had a recommendation at the bar, and you want to watch it on the way home.

You’re fortunate since there’s a function that will ease the strain on your wireless data cost. Open the Netflix app to the home screen, select Cellular Data Usage under Video Playback under App Settings, tap on your profile symbol in the top right corner, and then press App Settings. Select “Save Data” and turn “Automatic” off.

How much bandwidth would this end up saving? According to Netflix, you may view six hours of material and only use 1GB of data during that period. Maximum data? The automatic setting would use nearly the same amount of data in four hours. So, every twenty minutes, it can consume 1GB.

Naturally, if you allow this setting, your program and movies will seem less sharp.

Pre-download your favorite shows and movies.

Alternative ways to save money We’re assuming that only some have limitless data plans for their mobile devices, so it’s time to talk about planning in advance.

Undoubtedly, when we have the opportunity to watch Netflix on the go, we all enjoy doing so. But only some people desire to pay more for their phone services. Engaging with your mobile carrier is boring for everyone. It is now time to prepare by pre-filling your phone or tablet.

Check the series and movies you want to download for a download button, and for more information, read our guide on downloading Netflix content.
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Unfortunately, customers of Netflix with advertisements cannot download episodes or movies.

Take into account a less expensive Netflix subscription.

According to reports, the Standard plan—whose monthly cost has increased to $15.49 due to a Netflix price increase announced earlier this month—is the most popular choice. This indicates that some customers pay $5.50 more under the Basic ($9.99/month) plan. Or $8.50 more than they would be spending on Netflix Basic with Ads.
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If you watch Netflix on a 720p or smaller monitor, you should drop and save $5.49 per month, even though you’ll undoubtedly require the Standard plan at least if you have a 1080p TV. That is unless they wish to simultaneously stream content on two devices while sharing their Netflix account with another person.

We don’t have an idea how many people would subscribe to Netflix’s premium tier at $20 per month (up from $17.99), but those subscribers would want to make sure they’re using the 4K streams available through the tier and consider how frequently they watch non-4K content.

Membership fees may be paid using subsidized gift vouchers

The best way to pay for a Netflix subscription is using gift cards, which are sold at various merchants. Netflix is occasionally sold for a few pounds less than its genuine value on websites like, but this is rarely the case.

Additionally, remember that Netflix subscriptions can be purchased through Google Play and iTunes (it only works for current subscribers. New customers are no longer allowed to sign up for Netflix via Google Play or iTunes). Therefore, if you can find some reduced iTunes or Google Play gift cards, you can use those to pay for your Netflix subscription.

You can then use your Apple or Google account to add the gift card’s value to pay for your membership.

By completing paid surveys, you can earn Google Play credit that you can use to pay for your Netflix subscription via the Google Play Rewards app. Through completing (very brief) questionnaires with a 20p price tag, we have made over £100.


We hope these Netflix hints and recommendations will improve your future web browsing and streaming. Now that you know how to make the most of your Netflix membership, you’ll have more time to watch all the upcoming Netflix series and thrilling new film debuts.

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