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What Happens to Frank in the Shameless? Does He Die?

The Shameless season 11 finale concludes a decade of South Side insanity, including the now-infamous Frank Gallagher death after bidding farewell to his noisy kids.
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The Showtime series, created by John Wells, premiered in 2011 and follows the Gallagher clan as they grow up (sort of) into responsible adults with careers, families, and significant criminal records of their own.

By the conclusion, the series had a difficult time tying off many subplots for the large ensemble cast. The episode begins with the family discovering Frank near death on the couch after his attempted suicide by a heroin overdose, but no one appears to care whether he lives or dies.

Many Shameless fans expected Fiona to return for the series finale, but she only appears in flashbacks as Frank reflects on his life. Here’s how each of the Gallaghers’ stories ends, and what it might imply for their futures.

Does Frank Die in Shameless?

Yes, Frank Gallagher dies in the last episode of season 11 of Shameless, called “Father Frank, Full of Grace,” which is the show’s finale. The finale starts with Frank’s overdose, which was caused by the last episode. He is then taken to the hospital, where it is discovered that he has Covid-19.

Does Frank Die in Shameless

Frank starts to see things when he has Covid symptoms.
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He thinks that his nurse is Fiona, Frank’s oldest daughter who left in season 9.
As Frank is dying, he starts to float as he thinks about being back at the Alibi with his family.

The Gallaghers read a touching letter from Frank before going to his funeral after he died. Frank’s body explodes during his cremation at the end of the last episode because of how much alcohol was in it.

How Did Frank Gallagher Die in Shameless?

During Season 11 of Shameless, viewers watched as Frank Gallagher began to forget things. It began slowly but quickly progressed to the point that he was diagnosed with alcoholic dementia. He, on the other hand, kept forgetting he had dementia.

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Frank’s son Liam (Christian Isaiah) is tasked with looking after him in Shameless Season 11 Episode 11. He draws notes on his father’s arms to assist him to remember that he has dementia and who to call if he becomes disoriented. Liam also attempts to make him happy by doing “Frank things” with him, such as stealing money from strangers.

Frank began to comprehend what was happening to his body. So he got “Do not resuscitate” tattooed across his chest. Later, he attempted to overdose on heroin and penned a suicide note to his family. He awoke and walked around southside Chicago in the Shameless season finale.

Does Frank Die in Shameless

He soon found himself in a church, where he insisted on lighting the candles like an altar boy. The priest summoned an ambulance, and Frank subsequently awoke in the hospital during the Shameless season finale.

He eventually tested positive for COVID-19 and died in the emergency room after nurses and physicians noticed the “DNR” order on his chest. Although there is no direct explanation for his death, viewers can speculate that he died as a result of COVID-19 problems and severe drug and alcohol addiction.

In Shameless, Who Played Frank Gallagher?

Frank Gallagher Played by William H. Macy. William H. Macy is an Oscar and Golden Globe nominee, Emmy and SAG Award winner, and stage, film, and television writer. He presently stars in the Showtime series SHAMELESS, for which he has been nominated twice for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Does Frank Die in Shameless


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RUDDERLESS, the closing film of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, marked William H. Macy’s feature directorial debut. His second film, THE LAYOVER, was released in 2016. KRYSTAL, his third feature, will be released in 2016/2017. Macy is also a founder member of the Atlantic Theater Company.
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Will Shameless Return for Season 12?

No, season 11 of the American show Shameless was thought to be the last. John Wells, who is in charge of the show, said that this was the end of the series we know, but that it wasn’t necessarily goodbye to the characters. Wells has given hints about what the writers thought the characters would do after the series ended, but no spin-offs have been officially announced.

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